Liberal Party of Australia

The Liberal Party of Australia is in addition to the Australian Labor Party one of the two major political parties in Australia and introduced since its founding in 1945, most of the time ( 1949-1972, 1975-1983, 1996-2007 and since 2013), the Australian prime minister. Their traditional coalition partner, the National Party of Australia. The Liberal Party can be assigned to the conservative political spectrum, socio-politically conservative and economically liberal views dominate.


The Liberal Party was due to a heavy defeat and consequent disintegration of the United Australia Party in 1943 from this show. It was officially founded in February 1945 and united beside the UAP various conservative groups. Robert Menzies took over as with UAP in the chair and led the party to the government in 1949, where she was to remain until 1972. In 1975 she was able to re- government takeover under Malcolm Fraser. After they had to hand in the run of Bob Hawke Labor Party to power in 1983, it was not until back John Howard 's election victory in 1996 at the federal level.

In the seventies and eighties, she parted from their increasingly protectionist roots and postulated since a policy of free trade and economic deregulation. 1977 there was a spin-off of the liberal wing under the leadership of Don Chipp which were represented under the name Australian Democrats to 2007 in the Federal Senate.

Since the election defeat of 2007 and the subsequent resignation of long-time Prime Minister John Howard, the party is in opposition. After Brendan Nelson and Malcolm Turnbull had held the post of party chairman in the short term, Tony Abbott led the party in the parliamentary elections in 2010, reaching there a high degree of stalemate. Since the Greens and the party independent candidates but were on the side of Julia Gillard Australian Labor Party, the party is still in opposition.

In the parliamentary elections in Australia 2013, the Liberal Party formed a coalition with the Liberal National Party, the National Party and the Country Liberal Party, which won. Tony Abbott is therefore the prime minister of Australia.


  • Robert Menzies 1945-1966, Prime Minister 1949-1966
  • Harold Holt 1966-1967, Prime Minister 1966-1967
  • John Gorton 1968-1971, Prime Minister 1968-1971
  • William McMahon 1971-1972, Prime Minister 1971-1972
  • Billy Snedden 1972-1975
  • Malcolm Fraser 1975-1983, Prime Minister 1975-1983
  • Andrew Peacock 1983-1985, again 1989-1990
  • John Howard 1985-1989, again 1995-2007, Prime Minister 1996-2007
  • John Hewson 1990-1994
  • Alexander Downer 1994-1995
  • Brendan Nelson 2007-2008
  • Malcolm Turnbull 2008-2009
  • Tony Abbott since 2009