Liberal Party of Moldova

The Liberal Party ( mold.: Partidul Liberal, PL ) is a center-right party in Moldova. By April 2005, she was named Partidul Reformei ( Reform Party ). Chairman is Mihai Ghimpu, the current since the resignation of the Communist Vladimir Voronin Acting President of Moldova. In the parliamentary elections of April 5, 2009, PL is the biggest party of the fragmented opposition in Moldova. She received 13.1% of the vote and 15 parliamentary seats. However, in the early parliamentary elections in 2010 dropped to 10%, while their potential coalition partner Liberal Democrat din Moldova Partidul reached 29.4 % of the vote, the largest party, the din Republica Moldova Partidul Comuniştilor, continued to lose votes. The biggest success so far achieved the PL in the local elections in June 2007. Though you received throughout Moldova barely 5 % of the votes, but he could conquer in a runoff election for the post of mayor in the capital. Mayor of Chisinau has since been the nephew of party leader and deputy party chairman Dorin Chirtoacă.