Liberal Socialists Party

The Liberal Party or Ahrar Party (Arabic حزب الأحرار, DMG Hizb al - Ahrar, long form Egyptian party of socialist liberals, Arab حزب الأحرار الاشتراكيين المصري, DMG Hizb al - Ahrar al - al - Misri ištirākiyīn ) is an Egyptian political party.

The party advocates a liberal-conservative political line in general.


The Ahrar Party developed in the context of Umentscheidung of 1974 to divide the Arab Socialist Union in three political platforms, from the right wing, the " organization of the Socialist Liberals ". It was founded in 1976 as a party. It did, under the leadership of Mustafa Kamel Murad the political tendencies of the movement of the Free Officers from the year 1952.

In the parliamentary elections in 1987, the Ahrar Party took part in the run of the Muslim Brotherhood " Islamic Alliance", which won a total of 60 seats, but most of which went to the Muslim Brotherhood. Finally, the party won the parliamentary elections in Egypt 2000 of 444 seats in the People's Assembly. However, it missed the party in the next parliamentary elections in 2005, to win at all seats. Also in the elections 2011/2012, when the party ran as part of the Democratic Alliance, the party missed the re- entry into parliament.