Libertair, Direct, Democratisch

Libertair, Direct, Democratisch ( German Libertarian, Direct, Democratic; short LDD)? Listen, until January 2011 under the name Lijst Dedecker / i, is a right-wing liberal party in Flanders. It was founded on 19 January 2007 by the former VLD Senator Jean -Marie Dedecker.

  • 4.1 chamber (10 June 2007)
  • 4.2 Senate ( until June 9, 2007)
  • 4.3 Senate (June 10, 2007)
  • 4.4 Flemish Parliament ( until June 9, 2007)
  • 4.5 Flemish Parliament (10 June 2007)
  • 4.6 Brussels Parliament
  • 4.7 European Parliament ( June 2009)
  • 4.8 councilors (8 October 2006)


After leaving the VLD and a brief interlude at the party N -VA Dedecker built with colleagues think tank Cassandra. From this think tank out the basis for a new right-wing liberal party in Flanders developed.

Soon the younger ones were in the brand new party their own youth organization, which they called " mind Jong Gezond " baptized. On 20 April 2007, the party announced to rename itself after the elections of 10 June 2007 " Partij van het Gezond mind." On 19 May 2007, the party held a large campaign rally with 600 in attendance from Antwerp. In April 2011, the youth organization changed its name, it was " JongLibertairen ". On 24 September 2011, a new Board was elected, Luc Rochtus became the new chairman.

In the federal elections of 10 June 2007, the party won 6.5 percent of the vote and jumped over the five-percent hurdle. It therefore has views of an annual subsidy of € 825 000

In the European elections of 2009, the LDD reached a seat in the European Parliament, where they joined the ECR Group. Since October 2009 she has been a member of the European party AECR.


The party participated in the elections of 10 June 2007 and met with the slogan gezond to understand what that means as much as common sense. Gezond mind is also the subtitle of the Party logo. The most important program priorities are:

  • The introduction of a social flat tax of 30 percent on income.
  • The reduction of corporate tax from 33.9 percent to 19 percent.
  • A limitation of the unemployment benefit
  • The elimination of unnecessary administrative provisions
  • A confederal Belgium and the abolition of the provinces, whose powers are to be divided between the Confederation and the regions
  • Retention of nuclear energy
  • Oppose EU membership for Turkey
  • Complete freedom of expression
  • Introduction of direct democracy with binding referenda


A prominent member of Boudewijn Bouckaert is that Dedecker is already followed by the VLD in the N-VA. The Lijst Dedecker does not rule out a collaboration with the Vlaams Belang and thus broke the cordon sanitaire.

On 12 April 2007 Jean -Marie Dedecker announced that the former Olympic Champion Ulla Werbrouck competes in the elections of 10 June 2007 to his list

Philippe BRANTEGEM, founder of the shoe chain Brantano, also occurs at.

About Stepped

Law shortly after its foundation came to the party local lists of:

  • RESPECT that Wetterser party of ex- VLD member Walter Govaert
  • MIS ( cafeterias Integraal seeds Leven ) with frontman Ex - Vivant Member Paul Schietekat
  • The local N -VA Department of Meerhout stepped over closed.
  • Martine De Maght, faction leader of the liberal cleavage BLAUW in Aalst, will list head for the chamber in Oost -Vlaanderen.
  • Beginning of April also joined the majority of VLOTT over to Lijst Dedecker.
  • In July, the ' Partij voor de Vrijheid Democracy ', a local liberal cleavage in Aarschot made ​​known to want to join ( Gazet van Antwerpen, July 11, 2007)
  • Aarschot: Even Ex - VLD chairman Fred De Keyser stepped over

Parliamentary representation

Legend: ( *) parliamentary group leader, (** ) party chairman.

Chamber (10 June 2007)

  • Constituency West Flanders: Jean -Marie Dedecker is followed by Paul Vanhie
  • Ulla Werbrouck
  • Martine De Maght
  • Dirk Vijnck

Senate ( until June 9, 2007)

  • Jean -Marie Dedecker (* ) (**)
  • Mimount Bousakla

Senate (June 10, 2007)

  • Lieve Van Ermen

Flemish Parliament ( until June 9, 2007)

  • Jean -Marie Dedecker
  • Monique Moens

Flemish Parliament (10 June 2007)

  • Monique Moens

Brussels Parliament

  • No representation

European Parliament ( June 2009)

Local councils (8 October 2006)

  • Pods: Leo Moeskops (formerly VLOTT )
  • Lommel: Ludo Lommers (formerly Vlaams Belang )