Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell (English for Liberty Bell ) is the name of the bell that was rung, as the American Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia was read for the first time on the Independence Square ( Independence Square ) in public on July 8, 1776.


The bell was cast on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Charter on religious freedom in Pennsylvania in 1752 in London by Whitechapel Bell Foundry and 1753 in the State House (now Independence Hall ) suspended. Even before she was hung, was discovered in her a crack, whereupon it was re-cast by two craftsmen from Philadelphia, John Stow and John Pass.

The bell bears the inscription: Proclaim Liberty Throughout all the land unto all the Inhabitants thereof ( Proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants, Lev 25:10. ).

The special feature of the bell is a crack in the sound that leads over more than half the height of the bell and makes it inoperable. When exactly this jump has emerged is still unclear, as many stories occupied by the bell insufficiently and are more anecdotal. It is only known that he was born between the years 1817 and 1846. A historically controversial report, the bell is the birthday of George Washington, the last time you hit in 1846, with the crack enlarged beyond repair.

Today the bell hangs in the Liberty Bell Pavilion, part of the Independence National Historical Park Philadelphia, and is still regarded as the most important American symbol of freedom and democracy. The entrance to the pavilion is free. The story of the bell is translated in several languages, including German.

The Liberty Bell, being a part of Independence Hall as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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After this Bell John Philip Sousa named his famous march Liberty Bell, which also became known as the title theme of the series Monty Python's Flying Circus.

1961 landed the spacecraft Liberty Bell 7 ( Mercury - Redstone 4) after a short suborbital space flight in the Atlantic. By early escape hatch open water penetrated. The Astronaut Virgil Grissom was rescued by helicopter, but the landing capsule sank and sank to depths of 6,000 m. 38 years after Kurt Newport discovered the sunken Liberty Bell 7 again. The capsule was recovered.

Inspired by the Liberty Bell Liberty Bell in Berlin was created.

Also in the Liberty Bell Garden in Jerusalem there is a replica of the Liberty Bell. This was the state of Israel founded in 1976 on the occasion of the Bicentennial of the United States from the city of Philadelphia.