Liberty DeVitto

Liberty DeVitto ( born August 8, 1950 in New York City ) is an American rock musician who was best known as the longtime drummer for Billy Joel.


DeVitto was born as the son of Italian -born police officer of the New York City Police Department in New York City. After he had seen the Beatles at their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964 DeVitto began self-taught to learn to play the drums. At the age of 17 he started together with his friend Russell Javor to make music. In high school, the two met on the web for Doug Meyer, the Howard and Emerson together they formed the band Topper. The group met in the 1970s with songs that Javor had written. During this time, Billy Joel became aware of toppers. Since Joel needed a bass player for his Streetlife Serenade tour, he invited Doug Meyer bar to play in his band. This persuaded then Javor and DeVitto, also playing for Joel, so toppers became The Billy Joel band.

After Liberty DeVitto had for 30 years worked with Billy Joel, he took no further part in the 2006 Tour of the musician. At this time he was the longest serving member of the band, as he had served continuously since the formation of the recordings to Turnstiles. On 19 May 2009 he filed at the Manhattan State Supreme Court lawsuit against Joel and Sony Music a. , On the ground, they would owe him royalties of ten years DeVitto is indeed out on any of the Billy Joel albums as a songwriter, but indicates to have Joel helped with some pieces. Was informed of Billy Joel's attorney in April 2010 that it had been agreed amicably. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Social Commitment

Since 2003 DeVitto is an official supporter of the non-profit organization Little Kids Rock provides free instruments and music lessons to underserved schools in the United States. The drummer has this personally donated instruments occurred at charity events for the benefit of the organization and now sits on the board of Little Kids Rock.


DeVitto is the father of actress Torrey DeVitto.


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