Liberty X

Liberty X is a five-piece British pop band. It was created in 2001 as part of the British edition of the talent show Popstars and broke up in 2007 after the release of three albums.

Band History

Members of the band were Jessica Taylor, Kevin Simm, Kelli Young, Tony Lundon and Michelle Heaton.

In the finale of the first season of Popstars, the five singers initially subject to the members of the band Hear'Say. Despite the large media coverage, the one piled on the winning band, also the five runners-up were formed into a band and founded Liberty. After a few months the band had to change its name to Liberty X after a band of the same name had argued in court the name rights.

In September 2001, the debut single Thinking It Over was released, which reached the Top Ten on the British charts at once. With their third single Just a Little Liberty X reached in May 2002, the only time No. 1 on the British charts. She was honored at the 2003 ceremony of the Brit Awards for Best British Single. Also, the simultaneously published debut album was successful. It reached # 3 on the charts and stayed for over a year in the charts.

In 2003 appeared with Being Somebody the second album of the band, but could not build on the success of the debut. The first single, Being Nobody made ​​it to number 3 on the UK Singles Charts, but held not long there on. The second single Jumpin followed after six months and made ​​it just in the top 10 in the UK single charts, but remained largely unnoticed. When the band decided in early 2004 for the third single Everybody Cries, this flopped and the promotion for the album has been set. There was a long pause without news. In the summer of 2004, the song Fresh, the Liberty X had taken passage along with Kool and the, the song appeared was unsuccessful.

It was not until the end of 2005, the band announced a new album. The first single A Song for Lovers was a considerable success, but outside of the UK, the band had up to this point can celebrate no comparable successes. For the first time they tried again a publication in Germany, but the single failed to reach the Top 100, it was foreseeable that the third album, titled X, would not be particularly successful.

For the album, on which there were only ten titles, advertising was hardly done. Of these ten songs had already been represented Yo DJ B-side on the single A Song for Lovers, so the album offered gerademal eight new songs. After a bad debut at No. 29 in the UK album charts X left after three weeks the top 75 of the UK album charts.

Shortly before the turn of the year, the band recorded a single for Children in Need on, but just could not place a success despite low advertising. A Night to Remember fell after a good start as briskly as the album.

In early 2006 came to rumors that the band would split up. Liberty X denied this vehemently and published six months later in the summer of 2006, a third single, the same song for the album X. It was only enough for the entry at No. 47 in the UK singles chart for one week, after which the song of the disappeared Top 100 After so many flops it was quiet about the band. The album was shelved and the band pursued gradually solo projects. In May 2007, Liberty X finally announced their official separation known and thanked the fans. As a parting in the summer of 2007, there were some performances, but as Liberty X, the artist no longer record or perform live together.

Early 2013, it came through the broadcast by British television ITV2 documentary The Big Reunion to Reunion.



  • Thinking It Over (2002)
  • Being Somebody (2003)
  • Just a Little (2005)
  • X (Bonus Tracks ) (2006 )



  • Pop band
  • English band
  • Winner of a talent show
  • Participants in pop stars (United Kingdom)
  • Contemporary R & B band