41.17944444444420.315249Koordinaten: 41 ° 11 ' N, 20 ° 19' O

Librazhd ( Albanian: Librazhdi ) is a small town in Eastern Albania with 6937 inhabitants ( 2011 census ), with the local authorities specify with 16,256 inhabitants (2007 ) multiples. Librazhd is the capital of the circle Librazhd with a modest infrastructure in health and education.

The city lies on a somewhat broader location in the valley of the Shkumbin on the right bank at around 200 müa. The valley is surrounded on all sides by not too steep, but considerable mountains. About ten kilometers east of Librazhd located high in the mountains of the border with Macedonia. To the west the Shkumbin valley leads through a narrow gorge to Elbasan.

Librazhd was probably built at the intersection of several roads. By Shkumbin valley has already led in the ancient Roman Via Egnatia. However, the former major route between Rome and Constantinople Empire centers Opel was on the left bank high above the valley floor in the Polis Mountains (Mali i Polisit ). The Roman road is still detectable in several places. From Librazhd north runs through the region Çermenika a road to Dibra. Librazhd, however, was only a small village 100 years ago.

The road through the Shkumbin Valley is still an important route linking the Albanian coast to the southeast of the country and Macedonia. As the Pan-European Corridor VIII transport network was expanded and upgraded in recent years. In parallel, run the tracks of the Albanian Railroad of Elbasan and Durres after Pogradec. The road from Librazhd to the north is in a poor state, even though it is the only link between northern and southern Albania east of Tirana and Elbasan.

During the Communist rule, the city was known for wine and other alcoholic beverages, which were produced in local factories. Today is hardly produced in Librazhd something. The city lives as a regional center of some services, trade, administration and through traffic.