Lichinga (formerly Vila Cabral ) is the capital of the province of Niassa in Mozambique.


Lichinga is at 1369 m above sea level in Lichinga Highlands and east of Lake Malawi. About 50 kilometers to the west, the landscape drops steeply down to this lake.

The town was laid out in an octagonal geometric layout. This was the city founded a radius of 440 meters. The suburbs extend to a distance of 3000 meters from the city center.


Lichinga 1970 had about 4,579 inhabitants, in 1997, 89 043 and 2007 142 253 inhabitants

Lichinga Lichinga is the seat of the diocese.


The city was founded in 1931 as Vila Cabral. They kept the name until independence from the colonial power Portugal in 1975.

Economy and infrastructure

The airport of Lichinga has a 1,800 m long, asphalt runway.

The Nacala railway line - Lichinga ends here with its 262 km long branch of Cuamba and is an important connection to the Indian Ocean.

Due to the periodic rainy season there are always interruptions of road connections between Lichinga and Cuamba ( National Road 13). In the autumn of 2012, therefore, the long-planned start of the much-needed track reconstruction was planned. Generally Lichinga in Mozambique as one of the most difficult to reach places.