Liechtenstein Gorge is a gorge, a few kilometers from St. Johann im Pongau ( Austria ).


Liechtenstein Gorge has a length of approximately 4,000 meters, of which 1,000 meters accessible to visitors. The rocks are up to 300 meters deep. In some places the gorge is only a few meters wide. The gorge can be visited via boardwalks, which are constantly monitored and maintained for safety. At the end of the gorge is a waterfall. The gorge is closed in the winter months. Every year it is visited by over 100,000 people.


The water of the mountain river Großarler Ache formed by millennia of erosion depth today Liechtenstein Klamm. 1875, work began to Begehbarmachung the gorge by members of the local Alpine Club. Since the work could not be continued due to lack of funds, was looking for a financial backer. They turned to Prince Johann II of Liechtenstein, who ran a hunting economy in the nearby Großarl. The prince gave 600 florins for the expansion of the gorge. The activities could be continued. 1876, the development of the gorge was finished. Due to the generous donation of the prince you named the gorge after him. 1924 an inn was built in the gorge, which was demolished in 2011 and 2012 has been replaced by a new building.

The gorge and its legend

According to legend, the gorge was created by the fact that the devil should quickly bring water to Großarl. This he did not succeed at first. Full of anger and rage he flew over the ravine and threw water into them.