Light Sport Aircraft

The Light Sport Aircraft (LSA ) is a existing since about 2003 new class of aircraft in the United States. Contrary to existing regulations for the registration of aircraft is rule defining for the LSA category ASTM. The rough rules of this class provides a top speed at maximum engine output of 120 kts (222 km / h) and a maximum take-off weight of 1320 lbs (600 kg). Other key points of the class are a piston engine, no pressurized cabin, propeller with fixed setting angle, a maximum of two seats and solid chassis.

The Regulations have been largely adopted in 2009 by the European Aviation Safety Agency in the framework of the unified licensing regulations for light aircraft ( European Light Aviation 1, ELA 1 ) to open in the admission standard CS -LSA. Currently, various patterns already fly under preliminary approval on Permit -to-fly.

The LSA class serves to provide more efficient patterns of UL classes a more meaningful purpose and to increase the spread 450 kg maximum weight of ULs and simultaneously to allow a hands- approval procedure under more responsibility of the pilot.