Lightning GT

The Lightning GT is a British automobile design in the shape of a GT sports car, which is powered by electrical energy and originally rendered performance with four each about 120 kW (163 hp) wheel motors was designed later with a DC synchronus twin engine drivetrain. The traction motors are powered by a lithium- titanate battery, depending on the load option used according to the manufacturer in each 15 hours, two and a half hours (onboard charger) or ten to twenty minutes ( Fast charge ) can be recharged again.

The vehicle was presented with the design of a GT sports car in June 2007 in the UK by Chris Dell, director of the London-based Lightning Car Company, and the developer and chief engineer Arthur Wolstenholme.

The car will cost € 137,000 (September 2009). The start of series production is first specified by the manufacturer with 2010, the end of 2010, the possible start of production for 2012 was postponed in September 2012, please refer to the company website to the spring of 2013 and to the year 2014 for the launch in the United States.


(Manufacturer's data in 2012, this subject during the development and production launch regular significant changes, even the information on the basic design of the vehicle)

  • Drive: four original brushless permanent magnet wheel motors with 120 kW ( 163.2 hp ), 2012, however, 300 kW ( 400 hp) is on the company website a twin motor system specified with rear-wheel drive
  • Torque: 750 Nm originally, 2012, 4000 Nm specified
  • Maximum speed: approx 209 km / h (130 mph)
  • Acceleration is less than five seconds from 0 to 100 km / h
  • Drive Battery: originally a lithium-titanate battery of Altair Nanotechologies, Unspecified 2012: Standard Lithium Ion or titanates.
  • Battery capacity: 35 kWh originally, 2012, 44 kWh specified
  • Reach at full battery: 240 km for the standard car, with an extended range pack 360 km
  • Energy recovery during braking recuperation
  • Chassis: Aluminum sandwich honeycomb core construction
  • Body: Lightweight aluminum and kevlar and carbon fiber