Lightning Jack

  • Paul Hogan: Lightning Jack Kane
  • Cuba Gooding Jr.: Ben Doyle
  • Beverly D' Angelo: Lana Castel
  • Kamala Lopez- Dawson: Pilar
  • Pat Hingle: U.S. Marshal Dan Kurtz
  • L.Q. Jones: Sheriff
  • Richard Riehle: Marcus
  • Frank McRae: Mr. Doyle
  • Roger Daltrey: John T. Coles

. Lightning Jack is an American- Australian Western comedy from 1994 directed by Simon Wincer; the screenplay was written by Paul Hogan, who also took over the title role.


The action takes place in the Wild West around the year 1875. Originally from Australia Lightning Jack Kane admired Jesse James and commits robberies, which run mostly unsuccessful. In one of them he takes the mute Ben Doyle as a hostage. It turns out that Doyle would like to be a robber himself. He and Lightning Jack become friends and henceforth act together.

Lightning Jack learns Lana Castel know and woos her. Castel falls in love with him and warns him to come as a bounty hunter in the city. However, Lightning Jack feels offended when he hears of her that was on his head, a relatively low price.

The two robbers are planning a raid on a bank in another town, which is guarded as particularly strong. Many city residents belong to a militia. Jack learns that another gang attempts to rob the same bank and wants to give up. However, Doyle developed a plan under which the competing band is betrayed by him and arrested by the militia. While the city celebrates the arrest, Kane and Doyle rob the bank. Kane herself photographed together with the celebrating city dwellers; This photo appears in a newspaper, is explained in the Kane for particularly dangerous and wanted criminals.

Jack and Doyle get Lana Castel from where they outwit disguise the waiting bounty hunter. Pull away together.


Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun - Times of 11 March 1994, it was impossible to be reluctant as it was also impossible, like his, although warm, but " stupid " movies opposite Paul Hogan. Lightning Jack was an example.

The magazine wrote Cinema, the film was a " mild Western for fans of easy pleasure ". The acting of the main character options were " more than limited ." Either let it be his " brute - stupid humor or " to let " the best stay away from this little witty Western spoof ".


The film was shot in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Australia. He played in the cinemas of the United States an approximately 16.8 million U.S. dollars. In Germany, there were approximately 456 thousand moviegoers.