Ligue 1 records

This list is called the football players with at least 500 missions in professional French Ligue 1 (until 2002 known as Division 1 ) since the 1945/46 season. For the period 1932-1939 there is in France no complete statistics, and the lack of seasons here from 1939 to 1945 are not regarded as official championship competitions. In addition, the still currently active players as well as the foreigners are called with the most Ligue 1 inserts.

The record player since 1945

Status: pre-season 2013/14


The total of 10,296 top-flight of these 19 members of the " 500 Club" were contested at 25 clubs, of which 2,751 alone games ( by 6 players ) at FC Nantes and 1,138 games ( 4 players ) at the Girondins Bordeaux. This is followed by Stade Reims (803 /2), Paris Saint- Germain ( 790/5 ), AS Monaco (670 /2) FC Metz (620 /2) and Racing Strasbourg (511 /4).

Six players have reached the 500 limit even at a single club or skipped, namely Ettori (602 for Monaco), Michel, Bertrand Demanes (each 532 for Nantes), Giresse (519 for Bordeaux), Amisse (503 Nantes ) and Jonquet (502 Reims ).

On average, a player needed this list 17.3 years to reach its total number of games. Dividing the period since 1945 in accordance with long sections on the End of career focused clearly on the period from 1979 to 1996 ( 15 of the 19 players); after that it's only been achieved so far and Mickaël Landreau Sylvain Kastendeuch to achieve the "five hundred mark ." Responsible for this is in particular the Bosman ruling of 1995, with its consequence of increased emigration of French players in other European leagues, although the highest division of the country is still characterized by a relatively high " club loyalty ".

Theoretically it is possible that players who started before 1945 with her career in Division 1, have made ​​it to 500 games. However, absent these six years ( from 1939 /40 to 1944/45 ), in which do not apply that took place championship games than officially to be counted. Thus, when a then 18 -year-old has started, for example, in 1932, he would have received under this interruption until 1939 and from 1945 to 1955 are required to complete almost all championship games and would have been 41 years old - not impossible, but also in France a very rare case.

The still-active player with the most Ligue 1 inserts

Of the professional players who are early in the season 2013/14 with a French first division under contract, the following players recorded most Ligue 1 bets:

That even based on the basis of previous application number, age and playing position forecasts, if any of these will make the leap to the " Club 500 ", are meaningless, can be shown with the example of Grégory Coupet: missed due to injury of the goalkeeper, who had by then already recorded 417 Erstligapartien, 2007/ 08 almost the entire first round, so he has only made it to 19 out of 38 games this season. In 2008 he had moved abroad, returned back to France in 2009 and finished his career in 2011 after 467 Erstligaeinsätzen. Meanwhile Coupet had been overtaken by Mickaël Landreau, who came to his 500th Ligue 1 match on 13 February 2011.

Foreign Ligue 1 record player

This also includes such players are included, who later adopted in addition to their original French nationality or where to The latter another was come later.

The ranking of the 2013/14 still active in Ligue 1 Souleymane Diawara Foreigner performs (Senegal) with 305 inserts. (As before 1 Matchday 2013/14 )