Ligue Nationale de Basketball (Switzerland)

The National Basketball League (French Ligue Nationale de Basket) is the highest division in the club 's basketball Men in Switzerland. You currently consists of nine teams in the highest scale A, and fourteen teams in the season as the league organization has its headquarters in Neuchâtel NE in the French-speaking Romandie and used in self- rule, use its French name.


The nine teams will play a round robin tournament in the first mode " FFA " with return game (English Round Robin ). The first eight teams after this round are qualified for the League Cup. This is followed in the championship eight more games, with the rankings from the round-robin tournament over the home right decision so that each team completed 24 championship games. The first eight teams after the third round play in the play-off series in the mode " Best-of -Five" the master, while the ninth -placed descends into the B Season.

Ligue Nationale de Basket A ( LNA)

Master of the National League A

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2012/13 season:

  • Star Wings Basket Regio Basel
  • BC Boncourt Red Team
  • Benetton Fribourg Olympic
  • Lions de Genève
  • Lugano Tigers
  • SAM Basket Massagno
  • BBC Monthey
  • Union Neuchâtel
  • Sdent BBC Nyon
  • SAV Vacallo Basket eliminated for economic reasons after the 18th Round