10,012 ( March 31, 2013 )

Lillesand? / I [ lillesan ] is a city and municipality on the Norwegian south coast. The small town ( about 800 inhabitants), Commune: 10,012 inhabitants (31 March 2013) with its old ( wooden ) houses and the picturesque port located directly on the Skagerrak in the province (county ) Aust- Agder, protected by many small archipelago ( old ship route ( Blindleia ) ).


Until around 1600, there were about 30 residents who lived near the harbor. At that time the place was called sands. To 1800 100 people were already living there. In the 19th century grew through the heyday of the great sailing ships prosperity, and the population rose to 1,500 inhabitants ( 1890). Rich Reeder settled in this period, there were numerous shipyards and up to 80 large sailor. The decline of sailing ships produced in 1900 reduced the population of Lille Sands. Early 1960s was a new economic increase. In 1962 the merger of the places Lillesand, Vestre Moland and Høvåg.


The city has an urban and maritime museum in the mansion " Carl Knudsen gården ", built in the Empire style of 1827. Showing home appliances, furniture, furnishings, tools, illustrating the life of former times in the small seafaring town. An old church - the West Moland stone church ( Vestre Moland stone kirke ) of about 1100 located 1.5 km west of the town center. In the district Høvåg there is a reconstructed Bronze Age longhouse to visit.


It is worth mentioning that some of the Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder books play here. So, for example, Hilde lives of Sophie's World in Lillesand. Also in The Solitaire Mystery takes Gaarder reference to this city.


View from Blindleia

Justoy Bridge, Blindleia


West Moland Stone Church