Lillooet language

Lillooet (also Lillooet, St'at'imc ) is an indigenous language of North America, part of the inland Salish subgroup of the Salish languages. It is about 200 St'at'imc ( formerly known as Lillooet or Lilwat ) spoken in the Canadian province of British Columbia and is divided into two dialect groups:

  • St'at'imcets, the dialect of Upper St'at'imc ( Upper Lillooet or Fraser River Lillooet ) and in the vicinity of the present town of Lillooet on the Fraser River, who called themselves STLA' - TLEI -mu - wh
  • Ucwalmícwts (pronounced ' oo- Kwal - MEWK '), the dialect of Lower St'at'imc ( Lower Lillooet or Mount Currie Lillooet, often simply Lillooet ) in the area of present-day Mount Currie, Pemberton Valley and south to Skookumchuck who consider themselves as LEEL' -wat - OOL ' ( ' the true people ',' the true Lillooet ') ( of these were the words ' Lillooet ' and ' Lilwat ' derived )
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Lillooet has a typical Salish languages ​​large phoneme inventory:


  • The phoneme / z / is realized depending on the dialect as [ ð ] or [Z ].


  • / e / and / a / = [ ɛ ].

Phonological processes

It specifies the morpheme complex morphophonological processes, and vowel and consonant harmony:


Text example


Nilh aylh lts7a sMáma ti húz̓a qweqwl'el'tmínan. NaS KU7 ámlec áku7 tsípunsa. Nilh t'u7 st'áksas ti xláka7sa. Tsicw áku7, nilh t'u7 ses WA7, kwánas et7ú i sqáwtsa. WA7 KU7 t'u7 ATI7 xílem, t'ak KU7 knáti7 ti pú7y̓acwa. Nilh KU7 t'u7 skwánas, lip̓in̓ás KU7. Nilh KU7 t'u7 aylh stsuts: " WA7 nalh aylh láti7 kapvta! " Nilh KU7 t'u7 aylh sklhaka7mínas KU7 láti7 ti sqáwtsa cwilhá KA, nao7q̓ spawts kwanensása ti ...