Lim (river)

Hydrographic map of the southeastern Dinarides

Mouth of the Lim in the south-west of Visegrad Drina

Lim in Prijepolje

The Lim ( Cyrillic Лим ) is a river in Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its name comes from the Latin word limes ( German "border" ). With 220 km Length of Lim is the largest tributary of the Drina and the largest river in the territory of the Sanjak of Novi Pazar.


It rises in the Albanian- Montenegrin border area as Lumi i Vermoshit ( serb. Vrmoša ) and first traverses to about 13 km in length the extreme northern Albania; the area around Vermosh is the only region of Albania that is drained into the Black Sea. It then crosses the borders of Montenegro, where it is referred to henceforth as Grncar (Albanian Gërçar ). In Gusinje the Grncar united with the river Vruje to Ljuca (Albanian Luca ). This flows into the lake of Plav (see also Plavsko Jezero ). Its biggest drain is the first time called Lim.

In its course through the canyons to the east of Montenegro Lim traverses the cities Andrijevica, Berane and Bijelo Polje. On the Serbian side the cities Prijepolje and Priboj lie on its banks. Between Bijelo Polje and Prijepolje the valley of Lim also forms the corridor for the main traffic flow between Montenegro and Serbia, ie the European Route 763 and the railroad Belgrade - Bar. Behind Priboj the river runs through the Bosnian Serb border area before flowing above Visegrad in the pent-up here Drina.

The catchment area of ​​5963 km ² comprises Lim, the river is not navigable. The longest and largest tributary is the Uvac, which opens behind Priboj from the right.

Bus accident

When a bus accident on 4 April 2004, there were coming back from Dubrovnik to Bulgaria twelve pupils a Bulgarian tour group killed when their bus near the Serbian town Gostun ran off the road and crashed into the Lim.