Limbach Flugmotoren

The Limbach Aircraft Engines GmbH & Co. KG, based in Königswinterer district Eudenbach is a German aircraft engine manufacturer. Since 1 January 2012 Shuide Shen is the CEO.

Since the 1970s, the company produced piston engines for use in aircraft. Currently (as of August 2012) are according to the manufacturer about 6000 Limbach aircraft engines operating. Most of the current engines are approved in accordance with the certification requirement JAR -22 for use in motor gliders and JAR -VLA. In addition, Limbach engines come in a number of ultralight aircraft. Another field of application are unmanned aircraft (drones ) for which Limbach provides two-and four -cylinder two- stroke engine.

The engine range includes the power range from 15 kW and 118 kW. All engines are boxer engines, 4-stroke units based on the engine of the VW Beetle. However, more and more parts were made specifically for Limbach in the course of evolution, so that the resemblance to old VW engines is only given externally. The most powerful variants are additionally cooled to the thermally particularly loaded cylinder heads with water, this provides a more uniform heat dissipation and additional noise insulation.

Peter Limbach, CEO of Limbach Aircraft Engines GmbH & Co.KG, announced on August 25, 2011 in a letter to its customers, the operating task. Reference is made to the " flood of regulations and requirements ." For the delivery of replacement engines and spare parts transition rules. About a continuation of the production of spare parts was currently being negotiated.

In November 2011 Peter Limbach announced that the German - Chinese Shuide Chen would take over all shares in the company and the management until 1 January 2012. He wanted to host the new companies and increasingly open up new markets in Asia.