Lime (fruit)

As lime (literally small lime ) is called several types of citrus.


Limes are green to yellow, round with a diameter of three to six inches. Its pulp is edible and tastes very sour, similar to lemons, but usually with a more intense, spicy note.


Limes are usually not consumed pure for the intense sour taste, but be used as ingredients in order to give a more acidic flavor prepared foods.

The most important use case are cocktails such as Caipirinha, Mojito, Daiquiri, Margarita, Cuba Libre or Cosmopolitan. Lime juice is also the main component of Lime Juice Cordial, a beverage additive classic cocktails like Gimlet.

In recipes that originated in the Caribbean or the USA, lime juice has been used for a long time. In Europe this is common only since the 1990s, have become available over easy and inexpensive as limes throughout the year. In addition, lime syrup and lime juice Cordial find use for mixing.

For cooking and baking lime are used primarily in Mexican, Arab and Southeast Asian cuisine. In addition to the fresh fruit here also find dried limes and the leaves of the lime plant application. The specialty Key Lime Pie from Florida is made with lime juice. Furthermore, are made of lime essential oils.

Following the discovery in the 18th century that fresh fruit can prevent or cure scurvy, especially lemon juice has been used successfully. As one in the British seafaring Ground surrounded on limes and lime juice, the disease broke out again, as limes significantly less vitamin C than lemons.

Lime types

  • Australian limes Australian Wüstenlimette (Citrus glauca )
  • Australian Fingerlimette (Citrus australasica )
  • Australian round lime (Citrus australis)