Limited Liability Partnership

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP ) is a legal form of companies under UK / U.S. law. Most likely this form of society is a ( non-existent in German law ) limited to paraphrase without complementary. The difference with the Limited Liability Company ( LLC) is that the shareholders may exercise the management directly. Equally, however, as in the case of a corporation, they do not have to renounce the comprehensive liability protection. In addition, this legal form can be designed as a partnership for tax purposes also.

Frequently encountered this type of society in the freelance sector, such as at law firms, accountants, tax consultants and architects ( firm, partnership company), especially because in some U.S. states, such as New York and California, this form of society is only open to certain professions.

In 2005, this form of society was also introduced in Japan Yugen Sekinin Jigyo Kumiai and Singapore.