Lin -28 ( also Lin28 ) is a Entwicklungsgen that occurs in the cells of most multicellular animals. His position in the human genome located on chromosome 1, Location 1p36.11. The protein product of lin -28 is an evolutionarily highly conserved RNA - binding protein that is regulated by microRNAs and has a meaning in the timing of the embryonic development of Caenorhabditis elegans. The name for the gene comes from the English and is "abnormal cell lineage 28" for ( " abnormal cell lineage 28").

, The protein product is a so-called transcription factor (TF), which effects the reading of other genes. The TF contains a zinc finger and a cold shock domain ( engl. cold shock domain, csd ). After the completion of the development of the organism is lin -28 shut down completely.

The gene serves as a marker for undifferentiated human embryonic stem cells and is used in biotechnology to produce artificial stem cells ( induced pluripotent stem cells). It encodes a cytoplasmic mRNA binding protein that supports the translation of mRNA from another gene, Igf2.

It was also shown that lin -28 precursors to a non-coding RNA that is involved in the regulation of developmental processes ( Let-7 ), binds and blocks as the production of mature let-7 molecule in mouse embryonic stem cells.