Lina Kostenko

Lina Kostenko (Ukrainian Ліна Костенко, scientific transliteration Lina Kostenko, born March 19, 1930 in Rschyschtschiw, Kiev Oblast ) is a Ukrainian poet. It is one of the most important representatives of Ukrainian poetry of the 20th century and is a forerunner of the generation of poets of the political and artistic " thaw " after 1956 in the Soviet Union.


The daughter of a teacher couple Lina Kostenko was born in 1930 in the small town Rschyschtschiw, but grew up in Kiev, where her family moved in 1936. After graduating from middle school, she studied at the Kiev Pedagogical Institute and then continued her studies until the completion in 1956 at the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute in Moscow. Her first collection of poems Prominnja Semli ( The rays of the Earth, 1957) was awarded as the 1958 band following Witryla ( The Sail) attention from audiences and critics.

: Gratis three to 1961 published literature, in which they could defy state censorship attempts consolidated their reputation as a poet. The book of poems Sorjanyj intehral ( The star integral) was denied shortly before printing the publication in 1963 because they did not accept demanded by the censor changes. A television writer from 1964 in which Kostenko 's fate during World War II fallen Ukrainian poet themed ( Perewirte swoji hodynnyky, Checks your clocks), was initially rejected, and later produced in such unfamiliar form, among other titles that Kostenko from the authorship distanced. These incidents initiated a phase of the publication ban, which, until 1977, lasted 16 years. During this time, her poems were circulated in the so-called samizdat as a private copies, sometimes without their knowledge.

Only in 1977 experienced Kostenko with Nad berehamy witschnoji riki ( On the banks of the eternal flow) is making a comeback in public. By 1989, four more volumes of poetry, of which the penultimate, Wybranne ( Selected Poems ) also contained works from the time of the publication ban yet published. The time being last volume of poetry by Lina Kostenko was published in 1999 under the title Berestechko ( Small birch).

An important event for: gratis late work - as for the entire Ukrainian society - was the Chernobyl disaster. They processed not only in poems, screenplays and articles, but is also involved in organizations working against the forgetting of events.

Lina Kostenko lives and works in Kiev; she has two children.


Lina: gratis work is marked by an intellectual independence and resistance to thought control and censorship. The focus is always the person she stands strong and honest. As motives of their work, they often choose historical figures and events, as do many artists in repressive systems in order to let the audience draw parallels themselves on current issues. The situation of the artist within a totalitarian state encountered in many of her works of the 70s, during the publication ban:

: Gratis translator Anna- Halja Horbatsch draws comparisons with Anna Akhmatova and observed a fine irony in their work, occasionally crossing over into sarcasm in his late work. Grief and pain of Chernobyl, but also anger and resentment over lack of scruples, with major projects such as the Chernobyl nuclear power plant have been realized, run through: gratis newer poems.


  • State Shevchenko premium 1987 for Nepowtornist and Marusya Tschuraj
  • Petrarch Prize ( Italy ), 1994


Volumes of poetry

  • Prominnja Semli ( Проміння землі - The rays of the Earth, 1957)
  • Witryla ( Вітрила - The sails, 1958)
  • Mandriwky serzja ( Мандрівки серця - Hikes of the heart, 1961)
  • Sorjanyj intehral ( Зоряний інтеграл - The star integral, unpublished)
  • Knjascha hora ( Княжа гора - 1972, unpublished)
  • Nad berehamy witschnoji riki ( Над берегами вічної ріки - On the banks of the eternal stream, 1977)
  • Marusya Tschuraj ( Маруся Чурай, verse novel, 1979)
  • Nepowtornist ( Неповторність - unrepeatable, 1980)
  • Sad netanutschych sculpture ( Сад нетанучих скульптур - Garden of the imperishable [ nonmelting ] Sculpture, 1986/1987 )
  • Wybrane ( Вибране - Selected Poems )
  • Busynowyj zar " ( Бузиновий цар - The Holunderzar, poetry for children, 1987)
  • Berestechko ( Берестечко - Birch, 1999)


  • Perewirte swoji hodynnyky ( Перевірте свої годинники - Checks your watches, 1964)

German -language editions

  • Notches of the time: Ukrainian poetry of the present ( Ukrainian / German, from the Ukrainian by Anna- Halja Horbatsch, 2003) ISBN 3931180158
  • Landmarks of life. Poems (Ukrainian / German, from the Ukrainian by Anna- Halja Horbatsch, 1998) ISBN 3931180077