Lincoln Park (Michigan)

Wayne County


Lincoln Park is a city in Wayne County in Michigan, United States. In the city of 44 008 people live on an area of 15.2 km ². The city is located in an area that is known as Downriver. The area was originally inhabited by the Potawatomi Indians, who ceded the land to the French settlers Pierre St. Cosme 1776. The city is known as a bedroom community, which is mainly occupied by workers of the car metro Detroit and work there. In the city there is no significant industry.


According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total land area of 15.2 km2. The city is crossed by the northern and southern arm of Ecorse, which unite just before leaving the city.

Lincoln Park is adjacent to the cities of Detroit, Allen Park, Melvindale, Ecorse, Wyandotte and Southgate.


Long before the founding of Lincoln Park took place on the territory of today's a war council to decide during the Pontiac Rebellion. On April 27, 1763, there assembled a council of various Indian tribes of the Detroit region. The chief Pontiac suggested there to give it a surprise attack on Fort Detroit on May 9. The area is now known as the Council Point Park and a memorial stone commemorates the historic meeting.

Lincoln Park 1999 attracted attention as a new dress code for schools was passed to banish gang symbols and colors. Among the prohibited symbols there were also symbols like the pentagram, which was widely also in the Gothic fashion spread. The decision led to tensions between the administration and the students and teachers who considered the measures to be exaggerated, as the transitional being has been pushed back as far as possible already in the 1980s. By continuing criticism of the media and processes of the law was withdrawn informally.

Demographic data

In 2000 44.008 people, 16,204 households, and 10,581 families were registered. 93.26 % are White, 2.06 % African American, 0.53 % Native American, 0.51 % Asian, 1.82 % other races, 1.81% mixed race, 6.93% Hispanic or Latino.

24.3 % of the population are under 18 years old. 18-64 are 61.6 % of the population. 14.1% are in this world for over 65 years. The average age is 36 years. On hundreds of women are 95.7 males. 93.7 men for women over 18 years.

The average household income was 42 515 U.S. dollars, the median income for a family 49747 U.S. dollars. The per capita income was 20 140 U.S. dollars.

Education system

The municipal education system is controlled by the Lincoln Park Public School Administration, and serves chiefly to the 9700 population under the age of 18. In the city there are a high school, a middle school and eight elementary schools.