Linda di Chamounix

  • Linda (soprano )
  • Carlo Il Visconte di Sirval (Tenor)
  • Pierotto, orphaned young Savoyard (Alt )
  • Antonio, Linda's father, the tenant ( baritone)
  • Prefect ( bass)
  • Marchese di Bois Fleury (bass buffo )
  • Maddalena, Linda's mother (mezzo- soprano)
  • Administrator of the Lehensguts (Tenor)
  • Choir

Linda di Chamounix, Melodramma in tre atti, is an opera seria in three acts by semi Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848) to a libretto by Gaetano Rossi from the year 1842.


The action takes place in 1760 in Chamouni / Savoy ( I and III. Act ) and Paris ( Act II ).

Act I

Antonio, father of the pretty peasant girl, Linda, has asked for help in economic hardship the Marchese Bois Fleury. This is willing to hire Linda as a maid, but she wants to view previously only. Therefore, he accompanied Antonio to his apartment.

Linda is secretly in love with the Viscount (O luce di quest ' anima ). That the painter Carlo but the poor is not, as he claims to be, but the nephew of the Marquis, she does not know. It is packed by premonitions when her old friend Pierotto sings a ballad in which a girl is cheating (per sua madre andi una figlia ). The prefect responsible to the Marchese dishonorable intentions, warns Antonio and provides this to, to send Linda Pierotto and other silk makers in the factory to Paris.

Second Act

Linda gets into financial difficulties and made ​​his way as a street singer. Carlo traveling by Linda, are as Visconte to recognize promises to marry her and directed her an elegant apartment one. But the Marchese is Linda followed and harassed them. But Linda rejects him (Lo vi dico che partiate ). When Carlo, the silent, that he should marry another on the parent statement, Linda visited, Antonio appears who initially does not recognize his daughter. When he realizes who she is, he violates it. Since Pierotto appears and tells of Carlos ' wedding preparations. Linda is insane ( Questa casa abandonate ).

Act Three

Pierotto brings Linda back to the village, where their fate is generally regretted. But as the Visconte, who has now been resolved by his family and freed them from the madness by professes his love appears. The whole village celebrates and the young couple dreams of a worry-free future ( Di do pene il sogno sparve ).


How many operas of Donizetti, was also Linda di Chamounix, one of his late works, at its premiere in Vienna on May 19, 1842 very successfully with the acclaimed Eugenia Tadolini in the lead role. In the following years it was played frequently in many European countries and also in New York and Australia. After the bel canto was almost completely disappeared in the second half of the 19th century from the stage, snatched Arturo Toscanini in 1902 at La Scala with Rosina Storchio in the title role of the opera oblivion. Until the mid-20th century there were regular performances especially in Italy and on the New York MET; after the opera disappeared for a long time by the game plans. Since the fifties, she was again played regularly, mostly in Italian productions.

In 1994, the Zurich Opera House out a production, the Vienna State Opera followed in 1997, the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona in 2011.


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