The Lindenau - Museum in Altenburg (Thuringia ) houses as art historical museum, the collections of the Saxon- Thuringian statesman, scholar and art collector Bernhard August von Lindenau ( 1779-1854 ). The gorgeous, Julius Robert Enger, a pupil of Gottfried Semper, erected building was completed in 1876.

Lindenau is famous collection of early Italian panel paintings. With 180 works, the Lindenau - Museum has the largest special collection outside Italy who founded the international standing of the museum. Focuses on important masterpieces of Siena, Florence and Umbria from the 13th to the 16th century. There are also around 300 plaster casts after masterpieces of Greek and Roman antiquity, but also works of art from Egypt and Mesopotamia, as well as the Italian Renaissance and Classicism. Lindenau amassed a collection of 400 ancient Greek and Etruscan ceramics and a historic Art Library, which served the exploration of its collections and serves. Its collections made ​​Lindenau already available to the public in 1848. At the same time he called an art school to life, which is continued since 1971 under the name of visual studio art until today. The tight integration of an art school with a museum is unique in Germany. After the Second World War, the collections under director Hanns- Conon of the Gabelentz to European painting of the 16th have been extended to the 20th century and German sculpture of the 19th and 20th centuries. The museum also houses a graphic collection of about 50,000 sheets, which focuses on graphic prints wallet works from the 1920s (Collection Alfred Hoh, Fürth ) and on the work of Gerhard Altenbourg ( 1926-1898 ).

The Presidium was friends of the Lindenau - Museum eV was founded in 1994 and has more than 200 members of one of the largest in the Altenburger Land.

The Lindenau Museum awards since 1998, published every two years the Gerhard- old Bourg- price, which is connected with an exhibition in the Lindenau - Museum and a cash prize and is dedicated to the artist Gerhard Old Bourg.

In addition, graduates will be awarded to medium- German art academies, the Bernhard von Lindenau scholarship.

The Lindenau - Museum was included in the book published in 2001 Blue Book. The Blue Book is a list of nationally important cultural institutions in East Germany and currently consists of 23 so-called cultural beacons.

After a redevelopment of the building and renovation work in the exhibition halls of the museum on November 5, 2006 with the exhibition " Paris, 158 Boulevard Haussmann " was re-opened (50 Italian Masterpieces from the Musée Jacquemart -André, Paris).

2009 bought more than 100 works by the artist Gerhard Unique Old Bourg worth one million euros the Museum with the support of Hermann Reemtsma Foundation, the Cultural Foundation of the country, the state of Thuringia, other governmental entities and financial institutions. The museum thus has the largest Old Bourg- world collection.

By Ernst von Siemens Art Foundation, Munich was 2014, the replica of the Sistine Madonna be purchased again. Bernhard von Lindenau let the image by the Dresden painter Louis Castelli in 1847 make. It was sold in the 1960s with around 190 other replicas of the museum.


Jutta Penndorf initiated some 30 years, the museum until her retirement. Since 1 July 2012, the art and literary historian Julia Nauhaus from Zwickau new director. She wants to especially promote the digitization and exploration of collections.

Exhibited Works

Lorenzo Monaco: Flight to Egypt

Fra Filippo Lippi: St. Jerome in the wilderness

Max Klinger: Landscape on the Unstrut