Linder (river)

The dry bed of the river east of Linder Graswang, before re- emergence of the Ammer.

The Linder (right) flows into the creek from the Great Sparrow sources (rear) and carries from there the name Bunting

The Linder (partly in the upper reaches Neualmgrieß ) is a small mountain river south west of Oberammergau in Upper Bavaria. It forms the headwaters of the River Ammer, which later flows into the Ammersee.


The Linder arises southwest of the castle Linderhof, directly on the border with Austria, from the confluence of Fischbach and Neualmbach. After the union of the two streams, the Linder is still fed by the Seven Springs. It flows north- east through the Graswangtal and crosses in front of Linderhof State Road 2060. Later in the Linder water seeps into the ground and occurs east of Graswang in Weidmoos in the resurgences of bunting and the Little Bunting, and in the lower reaches of the carbon stream light again. At high tide, and after the snow melt, the Linder reached the Weidmoos aboveground. The outflows from the Great Sparrow sources then open from the right and left in the often larger Linder. This takes over from there the name Bunting.


  • Fischbach (left source Bach)
  • Neualmbach (right source Bach)
  • Hochries (right)
  • Lotter Lahne (right)
  • V-shaped ditch (right)
  • Hundsfällgraben (left)
  • Sägertalbach (left)
  • Martin trench ( left)
  • Höllgraben (right)
  • Elmaubach (right)
  • Karle trench ( right)
  • Kühalpenbach (right)