Lindetal is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ). It is administered by the Office Stargarder country located in the town of Burg Stargard.


Lindetal is approximately 13 kilometers southeast of Neubrandenburg and four kilometers east from Headquarters Burg Stargard. The municipality is located on a Endmoränenzug whose heights sometimes over 100 m above sea level. NN rich. The name derives from the village is the current flowing through the western part of the district Linde.

Community structure

  • Old Käbelich
  • Ballin
  • Dewitz
  • Leppin
  • Marienhof
  • Plath
  • Rosehagen


The municipality was created Lindetal on 1 January 2002 from the previously independent municipalities Ballin, Dewitz and Leppin. Its original name Lindental was amended with effect from 1 April 2002 Lindetal.


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  • House Ballin
  • Dewitz church from the 13th century
  • Leppin mansion from the 18th century
  • Church Leppin

Village church Dewitz

Village church Leppin

Village church Plath

Economy and infrastructure

Transport links

The B96 runs west, the B 104 and B 198 north east of the church.

Volunteer Fire Department

The municipality merger in January 2002, the then existing volunteer fire departments have been merged in the communities Dewitz and Ballin to the fire department Lindetal. In January 2007, the volunteer fire department was disbanded in the community Cölpin and since then is the volunteer fire department Lindetal.


  • Joan of Bultzingslowen (* 1770 in Dewitz ), writer
  • Johann Adolf Friedrich von Gentzkow (1731-1782), writer
  • Jasper of Oertzen ( Minister of State ) ( 1801-1874 ), 1858-1869 Minister of State (Prime Minister) of Mecklenburg -Schwerin, acquired in 1836, and was buried here Leppin
  • Jasper of Oertzen ( Community Movement) ( 1833-1893 ), head of the Hamburg City Mission, grew up in Leppin and buried here