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The Office Lindow (Mark) is a 1992 formed Office in Brandenburg, in the first nine communities in the former circles Neuruppin and Gransee (now Ostprignitz -Ruppin, Brandenburg ) were combined into an administrative group. Through municipal mergers and incorporations, the number of official member municipalities decreased, so that the Office has Lindow (Mark) currently four official belonging to communities. The seat of the Office in the city Lindow (Mark).

Geographical location

The Office Lindow (Mark) lies to the east of the district Ostprignitz -Ruppin in Brandenburg ( Germany ), and borders the city of Neuruppin in the west, to the north by the town of Rheinberg, to the county Upper Havel in the east, and to the community Fehrbellin in the south.

Covering an area of ​​124.22 km ² live 4941 inhabitants (December 31, 2006). The office is located in the road of peace 20 in 16835 Lindow (Mark),

The official member municipalities with its districts

The Office currently consists of four municipalities:

  • Herzberg (Mark)
  • City Lindow (Mark) with Banzendorf, cellar, Klosterheden, Hindenberg and Schoenberg (Mark)
  • Rüthnick
  • Vielitzsee with Seebeck, Strubensee and Vielitz


The Minister of the Interior of Brandenburg issued the formation of the Office Lindow / Mark on 24 June 1992 its approval. As the time of conclusion of the Office July 1, 1992 has been set. The office was located in the city Lindow and initially consisted ** communities in the former circles Neuruppin and Gransee:

The community Hindenberg was attached to the Office Lindow / Mark accordance with § 1 paragraph 4 of the Amto.

December 31, 2001 Banzendorf, basement and Klosterheden were incorporated into the city Lindow (Mark). At the same time, Vielitz and Seebeck Strubensee merged to form the new municipality Vielitzsee.

The communities Hindenberg and Schoenberg (Mark) were for October 26, 2003 incorporated into the city Lindow (Mark).


First official director was Peter Hortig. Current Office Director Danilo Lieske (SPD).


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