Line 10 (Madrid Metro)

Line 10 (Spanish Línea 10, short L-10 ) is a subway line of the Madrid Metro. Hospital Infanta Sofía takes you from ( to August 2008: Hospital del Norte) on Fuencarral after Puerta del Sur, is 36.5 km long and has 31 stations. The average distance between stations is 1.217 km. The route runs between Lake and Casa de Campo on the surface, otherwise it is entirely underground. The L-10 is part of the large profile of the Metro network and the length of the stations is 115 meters. At nine stations can be switched to other metro lines, at four stations for electric train Cercanías.


In December 1951, the Ministry of Public Works published a total transport plan for Madrid. For the first time ever the building of overhead lines was to proceed. These new " Suburbanos " (Eng. " suburban lines " ) should have a much higher station distance and largely operate on the surface. But it was more than nine years later, February 6, 1961, the section between Plaza de España and Carabanchel was opened. The line was owned until 1979 the state company Ferrocarril Suburbano de Carabanchel ( " Carabanchel suburb train" ), the management was, however, from the beginning to the metro.

In 1970, the narrow-gauge railway was closed after Móstoles and until 1976 replaced by a railway line in Spanish broad gauge. The railroad operated since then, among other things Aluche. To improve transfer connections, the L-5 on 29 October 1976, the section Carabanchel - Aluche of the line S. With the opening on 18 December 1981 section between Plaza de España and Alonso Martínez joined the line further south to the city center before.

The northern part of today's L-10 was initially completely independent of the line S. On June 10 In 1982, three days before the start of the Football World Cup 1982, the opening of the line Fuencarral - Nuevos Ministerios, which received the designation L-8. At this distance the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and the main railway station Chamartin, who received a first time connection to the metro network lie.

Although the L-8 was extended on December 23, 1986 1.4 km from Nuevos Ministerios according to Avenida de América, the popularity of the passengers remained rather low. The last part was only running a single track, which is why the L-8 could not be operationally connected to the L-7. In addition, the L- 8 is not penetrated into the city center. In order to improve the attractiveness of both the L -8 and the line S, saw the 1994 adopted development plan, both lines, the endpoints were only just 2.1 km away from each other, linking to each other.

But first, still had the tunnel section between Lake and Plaza de España will be replaced by a new building in order to pivot the line to the transport hub Príncipe Pío. These works were completed on 26 December 1996. With the new line Nuevos Ministerios - Alonso Martínez L- 8 were and the " Suburbano " connected to the new diameter line L-10. The single-track tunnel towards Avenida de América has since been used by the L-7.

On the new continuous line first small gauge trains were used, because in the years 2000 and 2001, first had to be adapted to the tunnel between Plaza de España and Alonso Martínez to accommodate the wider wide gauge trains can. On 22 October 2002, the L -10 was extended towards Colonia Jardín, at the same time went on the section between the newly opened interchange station Casa de Campo and Aluche to the L -5. Since 11 April 2003, the L-10 exceeds the city limits and continues to station Puerta del Sur in Alcorcón.

Since December 22, 2006 the trains in the new station Aviación Española, which was built between Colonia Jardín and Cuatro Vientos at the track already existing.

From the previous northern terminus from Fuencarral to 2007 was the L-10 extended to 15.7 km in the northern suburb of San Sebastian de los Reyes. This stretch has been in operation since 26 April 2007. Tres Olivos at the city limits will be used in the early years as a temporary interchange station to Line 10B. On this line run shorter trains with a larger interval until the increased demand justifies a continuous operation.

By 2007, the station Colonia Jardín has been extended. With the opening on 27 July 2007 it is the terminus of the lines ML -2 and ML -3, the light rail Metro Ligero Madrid. This partially underground routes into Aravaca or Boadilla del Monte. Las Tablas on the northern extension is his end of the line ML -1.

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