A linebacker is a player in American football, the (hence their name) plays in the middle of the defense, behind the defensive line and in front of the safety / defensive backs.

Of the observer and philosophy of the coach depending on the view there are different types of line backers. First, one can divide Linebacker Inside Linebacker in or Middle and Outside. "Inside Linebacker " ( Abbr ILB) to use with an even number of line backers (eg, the so-called "3- 4- Defense" ), "Middle Linebacker " (MLB) accordingly with an odd number ( " 4-3 -Defense ", etc.). The abbreviation for the "Outside Linebacker " is accordingly OLB. It is these finer in left and right OLB OLB divide ( LOLB / rolb ). Secondly, the linebacker sometimes judge with their lineup, even after the offense. On the side where the tight end is, then it turns on and the Strong Side linebacker (SLB ). Its name comes from the fact that the side of the tight ends the "Strong Side", ie, the " strong" side of the attacking team. On the other side then is the weakside linebacker (WLB ). Interior changes to the nomenclature nothing compared to the first variant, and are summarized SLB and WLB also be described as Outside Linebacker.

The requirements for the "ideal" linebackers are extremely high. It should be about 1.85 to 1.90 m tall and can have a lot of weight and muscle, so that its mass is about 100 kg and above. Furthermore, game overview and experience necessary, just as it usually serves as captain of the defending team from MLB. Linebacker must defend against both the running game, as well as against the passing game.

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