Lingo (programming language)

Lingo is the programming language of the authoring software Macromedia Director, now Adobe Director.

Lingo was an interpreted language in earlier versions of Director. For performance reasons, Lingo is now compiled before execution. Because of the large number of built-in media and the related features and functions Lingo knows several hundred keywords.

There are (as of May 2005) three versions of Lingo. The classic ( and oldest) Lingovariante was very very similar to the natural English language. Statements saw, for example, like this:

Put " abc " into myVariable This expression would be drafted in most other programming languages ​​like so:

MyVariable = " abc" The classical notation in some cases led to very long terms. In addition, there were also different ways of writing, about

Set myVariable to " abc" myVariable = " abc" put " abc " into myVariable Since Director 7 additionally the so-called dot syntax is supported, which is similar to the object- oriented languages ​​work. Example, as shown here

Member (" text output "). text = " abc" sprite ( 1). myColor color = Each thread can be written both classical as well as in dot syntax from a few exceptions. The two dialects can be mixed in a script, although it is officially discouraged.

Since Director MX2004 and JavaScript (ECMAScript ) is supported as a programming language. However, JavaScript commands can not be mixed with the classic or dot syntax in a script. But well within the same program. Through some JavaScript command sequence allows elegant writing. There are also some new features added by JavaScript. JavaScript was also therefore implemented as a language to facilitate programmers who know other languages ​​to get started in Director.

It is important to be mentioned at this point that although Lingo has object-oriented approaches, but by no means regarded as object-oriented language. For this purpose it would be necessary that still stuck in its infancy approaches weiterzuformen and make a presence throughout the language.