Linus Roache

Linus Roache William ( born 1 February 1964 in Manchester, England ) is a British film and stage actor.


Roache is the son of actor couple William Roache and Anna Cropper, but in 1974 - Linus was just 10 years old - were divorced. The marriage also Roaches younger sister Vanya went bold (* 1967).

The siblings grew after the divorce to her father, who soon married again. With Sara Mottram, the stepmother of Linus and Vanya, William Roache had three more children: Verity Elizabeth (* 1981), Edwina (* 1982, † 1984) and William James (* 1986).

Linus Roache began his career in 1975 at the age of eleven, when he received a two-week guest role in the British soap opera " Coronation Street". After another supporting role in the television series " The Onedin Line " Roache spent the next decade in addition to attending school with performances at theaters. In the film comedy " No Surrender " became Roache first time in 1985 as a film actor on.

Another break took Roache 1995/1996, when he retired to India to meditate. In addition Roache is convinced vegetarian.

Since January 2003, Roache is married to the actress Rosalind Bennett.

Filmography (selection)


Roache was nominated among other things, for his portrayal of Robert F. Kennedy in the film " RFK " for the Golden Globe.