Linux Phone Standards Forum

The Linux Phone Standards Forum ( LiPS ) is a company founded in November 2005 consortium to create an open standard for a unified Linux implementation for mobile phones as an alternative to Microsoft's Windows CE platform. Other proprietary systems manufacturer to be replaced. Currently Linux platforms are usually only run on the customized version for each hardware of individual manufacturers. Therefore, the standardization relates to both hardware and software products. The Open Mobile Terminal Platform ( OMTP ) should be considered.

Founding members include ARM, France Telecom, Orange, MontaVista Software, Open - Plug and PalmSource. In November 2006, ZTE, Telecom Italia, and Texas Instruments have joined.

In December 2007, was presented with the Linux Phone Standards 1.0 the first LiPS Release.

The competing LiMo Foundation (including Motorola, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic, Samsung and Vodafone) aims to create an industry standard that is suitable not only for mobile phones, but for all compact mobile devices. However, this is to a large extent not an open standard. In June 2008, joined LiPS and LiMo Foundation, a cooperation. LiPS has been completely incorporated into the LiMo Foundation.