Lionel Allen Sheldon

Lionel Allen Sheldon ( born August 30, 1828 in Worcester, Otsego County, New York, † January 17, 1917 in Pasadena, California ) was an American politician and from 1881 to 1885 Governor of New Mexico Territory.


Even as a child moved with his parents to Sheldon Lagrange, Ohio. He attended local schools and later to 1850 Oberlin College. After a subsequent law degree, he was admitted as a solicitor in 1853. He then practiced in Elyria (Ohio ).

Lionel Sheldon was a member of the Republican Party. Between 1856 and 1857 he was a judge in a probate court in Lorain County. In the years 1856, 1880 and 1896 respectively, he was a delegate to the Republican National Convention. Under Governor Salmon P. Chase, he was brigadier general of the state militia. During the American Civil War he rose to the Colonel in the Union army.

During the war he settled in occupied New Orleans as a lawyer down. Until 1879 he practiced this profession in this city, when he is not meeting its political duties. For he was 1869-1875 and deputy in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington. In 1881 he was appointed as the new territorial governor of New Mexico. This office he held from 1881-1885. Between 1885 and 1887 he was one of the bankruptcy trustee (receiver ) of the Railway Company and Texas Pacific Railway.

In 1888, Sheldon first moved to Los Angeles, then to Pasadena, California, where he worked as a lawyer again. In Pasadena he died in January 1917.