Lipjan ( Albanian: Lipjani, or Lypjan or Lypjani, Serbian Липљан / Lipljan ) is a large village in the center of Kosovo, a few kilometers away from the capital Pristina. The municipality includes a total of 71 mostly small villages and settlements. In Lipjan live 57,474 inhabitants in an area of 422 km ². Currently being built on the outskirts a " Citta Italia " to a large convention center should belong.


In ancient times the city was known under the name Ulpiana from which is derived the present-day names. The Romans named the city after the Roman Emperor Marcus Ulpius Trajan, known as Trajan, under whose rule the Roman Empire reached its greatest extent. In 1018, the place is mentioned as Lypenion 1018 AD in a Greek text.


The community is predominantly agriculturally oriented. After the 1999 conflict, most companies are no longer functional. Many shops and restaurants were built in the city, still about 80 % of the population are still still unemployed.


The municipality is divided Lipjan with the following counties, cities, villages and regions:

Akllap, Androvac, Banullë, Banjica, Brus, Buyan, Bukovica Varigoc, Dobraje e Madhe, Hallaq i madh, Ribar i madh, Vogačica, Vrellë, Vërshec, Gllavicë, Gllanicë, Gllogoc, Vrella e Goleshit, Gornja Gušterica, Gadime e Eperme, Guvno Selo, Divlakë, Dobrotin, Donja Gušterica, Gadime poshtme e, Zllakuqan, Janjevo, Kleqkë, Kajska, Konjuh, Kraishte, Krojmir, Leletiq, Lepina, Livađe, Lipjan, Lipovice, Llugë, Lugagjijë, Magure, Dobraja e Vogel, Hallaq i Vogel, Gracko Malo, Malo Ribare, Marevce, Medvece, Mirena, Muhadžer Babus, Novo Rujce, Okosnica, Plitković, Poturofc, Ruboc, Radevo, Rusinovce, Sedlare, Skulanevo, Slovinje, Smoluša, Staro Gracko, RUFC i vjetër, Suvi Do, TECA, Toplicane Torine, Trbovce, Bregu i zi, Qallopek, Qylage.


Lipjan located in the central corridor of Kosovo. Through the municipal area also runs an important rail link, which is regularly served by passenger and freight trains Hekurudhat e Kosovës ( Kosovo railway). From Fushë Kosova there are further connecting lines among others the capital Pristina.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Zoran Jovanović ( born 1942 ), painter and graphic artist