Lippe Uplands


The Lipper Bergland or " Lippe Uplands " is a Central European low mountain range in East Westphalia -Lippe Detmold in North Rhine -Westphalia.


The Lipper Bergland is part of the Weser mountain country and is bordered by the river Werre in the west, by the Weser River to the north and east. In the south of the Lippe Uplands goes over to the Egge Mountains and the Upper Forest country. The landscape is highly structured, it change peaks with ranges of hills, flat valleys with zertalten hill areas. Three major rivers, Weser, Werre and Bega and smaller as the Emmer intersect in the landscape, at the edges loses the Lippe Uplands height. The highest elevation is the Köterberg with 495.8 m. The region is largely a branch of the Teutoburg Forest Nature Park / Eggegebirge.

Flora and Fauna

In the forests predominate beech and oak companies. The agricultural land is used almost exclusively for agricultural purposes. In the partially -natural rivers to find rare and worth protecting animals and plants. Therefore, a part of the rivers is under protection.