The district of Lippe is a Kreis in the Regierungsbezirk Detmold ( Westphalia- Lippe) in the north- east of North Rhine - Westphalia. County seat is Detmold. The circular area corresponds largely to the former country lip. Besides Westphalia and the northern part of the Rhineland lip forms the state of North Rhine -Westphalia. The historical eponymous river lip does not touch the circle.

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Neighboring counties and cities

The Lippe district is bordered to the north by the districts of Herford and Minden- Lübbecke, on the east by the Lower Saxon counties Schaumburg, Hameln -Pyrmont and wood Minden, on the south by the circles Hoexter and Paderborn, and to the west by the district of Gütersloh and at the district-free city of Bielefeld.


See also: lip ( land ) and house lip.

The circle stands in the tradition of the former territory of the Holy Roman Empire and later of the German Federal State lip. The 12th century was first mentioned gentlemen to the lip built here on their territory and were collected in 1529 to Imperial Count and 1789 to princes. 1815 stepped lip in the German Confederation from 1871 to 1945 and was member state of the German Empire, since 1918 as the Free State. Since 1932, passed as administrative units, the circles Detmold and Lemgo, where in 1934 the previously independent cities Detmold and Lemgo were assigned.

On January 21, 1947 the Free State of Lippe was united by the Military Order No. 77 of the British occupation forces with the state of North Rhine -Westphalia. As part of the integration of the new government district of Minden- lip was from the administrative district of Minden and lip formed with headquarters in Detmold (April 1, 1947 since June 2, 1947 Detmold ). 1949 were adopted by the North Rhine - Westphalian state laws on November 5, 1948 - based on the so-called Lippischen Punktationen - regulating the unification of the country lip with the State of North Rhine -Westphalia in force, after which the country Lippe was formed. The communities Lipperode and Cappel been assigned to the county Lippstadt.

1969 and 1970 there was a reorganization of municipalities in the districts Lemgo ( January 1, 1969 the Lemgo - law ) and Detmold ( January 1, 1970, through the Detmold law). From 168 formerly independent Lippe cities and towns 16 cities and towns were formed. The city Luegde and the communities Harzberg and Kempen - Feldrom fell among Detmold, Lippe the exclave Grevenhagen to the circle Hoexter. 1973 determined the Bielefeld - law, the formation of the new circle lip from previous circles Lemgo and Detmold. The district administration has its headquarters in Detmold.

The Lippe district agrees in its territorial expansion largely with the former rule / county / country principality and lip match and therefore can look back on nearly 900 years of continuous history.



October 1, 1999 made ​​under the local constitutional reform a summary of the full-time senior district director with the volunteer district 's full-time district administrator, so there is since 1 October 1999 no longer Oberkreisdirektor.



On 7 June 2009 the council was elected. The 60 seats are distributed as follows among the various parties, of which up to the Left all parties are represented in fraction Strength:

  • Social Democratic Party of Germany ( SPD) with 22 seats,
  • Christian Democratic Union of Germany ( CDU) with 21 seats,
  • Alliance 90/The Greens ( Green ) with 6 seats,
  • Free Democratic Party ( FDP) with 6 seats and
  • CDU lip with 3 seats.
  • The Left with 2 seats ( group).

The council majority is composed of the factions of the CDU, the Greens and the Free Voters who work together on the basis of a coalition agreement both in the Lippe district council, and in the National Association lip.

Coat of Arms, Flag and Banner

The coat of arms of the circle shows in silver ( white) a red rose with golden fünfblätterige ( yellow ) Slugs and golden ( yellow ) sepals (see Lippe Rose).

The group formed in 1973 in the wake of the local government reform lip leads with approval of 17 July 1973, the Lippe rose in his coat of arms. Historically, the rose is a symbol of the coat of arms for centuries rule, the county, and the state of the Principality of Lippe. Since the merger of the two circles Detmold and Lemgo, the area of the circle lip is generally consistent with that of the former country lip. It was, therefore, with regard to the common history of unusual continuity over nearly eight centuries provide the lippische Rose as a new county coat of arms. The 16 golden stamens symbolize the cities and towns of the new circle lip.

The group performs a flag with the colors yellow and red, vertical stripes, with the coat of arms shifted to the bar district and a banner with the colors yellow and red, striped lengthwise with the circle emblem in the upper half.

( § 2 of the main articles of association of the circle)

See also: List of coats of arms in the district of Lippe

Infrastructure and economy


College towns in Lippe Detmold and Lemgo are. In Detmold is the seat of the Academy of Music. In Lemgo is the headquarters of the University of East Westphalia -Lippe; she has lip in a second site in Detmold and outside lip in Hoexter and Warburg.

In Horn-Bad Meinberg is the European Centre for university studies of elderly East Westphalia -Lippe.

Non-university research institutions

As a non-university research institutions, the Max Rubner Institute can be found in Detmold with the Institute for Security and quality of cereals and in Lemgo, the Fraunhofer -Gesellschaft with the Application Center Industrial Automation ( IOSB INA). The building in which the Fraunhofer Application Center is located, is at the Lemgo Campus of the University of East Westphalia -Lippe and was built under a public-private partnership of private investors. The settled there research has shifted the focus of IT-based automation.

Promote education, science, research and culture

To promote education, science and research, and culture of the Lippe district has established in 2001, the Foundation site backup Lippe. In this area, the national association lip is also initiated and engaged.


Airfields and airports

The airfield Oerlinghausen is a large airfield, on the run, even small airplanes take off and land. Another local airport is the airfield Detmold. Near Blomberg is the airfield Blomberg- Borkhausen.

The closest major airports outside the circular area located in Bielefeld and Paderborn ( international).


The Lippe district is served by two railway lines Begatalbahn, Herford Paderborn and the S-Bahn Hannover. The service in the transport is carried out by the train movements

  • RB 72 " East Westphalia train" Paderborn- Detmold Bad Salzuflen, Herford (daily every hour )
  • RE 82 " The weavers " ( Altenbeken ) Detmold, Bielefeld and on to Münster ( Münster Detmold - hourly on weekdays, Sundays every two hours),
  • RB 73 " The Lipper countries ' Lemgo - Oerlinghausen Bielefeld - Herford and continue on to Rahden ( hourly )
  • Line 5 of the S -Bahn Hannover (Hannover Airport - Hannover - Hameln - Schieder - Steinheim (Westphalia ) - Altenbeken - Paderborn ).

Is performed the rail transport of the WestfalenBahn, the euro train and the North Western Railway, and on the S5 by DB Regio.

The district of Lippe is in the northwest of the Federal Highway 2 Dortmund -Hannover touches between Bielefeld and Herford. The federal highway 33 in the Senne area from Bielefeld to Paderborn leads west past the circle area.

Inside the circle the lip run B 1, B 66, B 238, B 239 and B 252 are still considered as more important roads Ostwestfalenstraße and Extertal road.

The council decided in 2006 to write out a project for Public Private Partnership. The intention is to privatize the road, the road maintenance and road maintenance of the circle. Within the population of this project is controversial, it has formed an initiative group for this citizens' petition. At its meeting on 6 November 2006, the district council rejected the citizens' petition as inadmissible.


The district area is crossed by several long-distance routes and local bike paths, among others, the wellness route and the "Railway Biking Trails" Hellweg -Weser and the Weser -Lippe.


The agricultural use falls entirely different from in the various regions Lippes: While in August the village only 2.8% of the land area is used for agriculture, there are Leopoldshohe 81%. This difference is mainly due to the Teutoburg Forest, for all regions, which lie directly at the mountain chain, only a small agricultural area have ( Augustendorf: 2.8%, 12.2% Oerlinghausen, snakes 13.8 %). In August the village and snakes shall be additional as a further restriction that a significant part of the relevant municipal area is occupied by the military training area.

Health service

In addition, the Klinkum lip maintains the health center in Bad Salzuflen - Schötmar a place of business of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry with 48 beds.

Outside the hospital planning, there are many rehabilitation clinics:

  • Median hospital at the moat
  • Median hospital flat heath
  • Rehabilitation clinic Lipperland (Department Lipperland Clinic at Lietholz, clinic Sophie house ), support the German Federal Pension Insurance
  • Salzetalklinik, carrier is the German pension insurance Westphalia
  • Saline clinic at the park, private rehabilitation clinic
  • Upper Mountain Clinic Uplands, Clinic for Psychotherapy, Psychiatry and Psychosomatics
  • MediClin Rose Clinic
  • Dr. Becker Brunnen -Klinik, private rehabilitation clinic for psychotherapy, psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine


Radio lip is the private local radio for the circle. In addition to self-produced programs it accepts the Framework program of Radio NRW.

The WDR maintains an office in Detmold, part of the WDR Studio Bielefeld and produced radio and television programs for the entire WDR and ARD.

The Lippe -Zeitung is the factory -weekly local newspaper of the circle. The lip Portal is a monthly magazine with the most extensive event calendar. Lip is currently a weekly twice ad-supported display sheet which is distributed free to nearly all of Lippe households.

As part of the State Media Law interested have the opportunity to own radio productions in community radio radio broadcast lip. For these productions volunteer organized radio workshops are freely accessible available ( in Detmold and in Hörste ).

Cities and Towns

The Lippe district consists of the following ten cities and six municipalities together (in brackets the number of inhabitants of 31 December 2012):



Bad Salzuflen, location and Lemgo are considered medium kreisangehorige cities, Detmold as a large district town.


  • The district is known for many recreation centers and tourist destinations as well as the external near Horn -Bad Meinberg and the Hermann Monument in Hiddesen about three kilometers southwest of Detmold.
  • Special attractions are the Westphalian Open Air Museum Detmold, the Lippe Detmold and the Weser Renaissance Museum at Brake Castle in Lemgo.
  • In sports, the district of Lippe is particularly known for the Handball: The TBV Lemgo played since the season 1983/84 in handball league of men in the women's Bundesliga, the HSG Blomberg -Lippe is represented.
  • The district of Lippe is now also home to many foreigners and repatriates, especially Russia and Russia German Mennonites. Integration projects are often carried out on OWL - level projects and in cooperation with migrant organizations.
  • Culinary specialties are gin (among Lipper Sagittarius ) and Pickert.
  • No culinary specialty, however, is the refreshing Lippe, which is merely a humorous euphemism for an open window, and - like the Scots joke - playing with the proverbial frugality of the people of the area. This will boost Lipper have invented the copper wire, because they have the penny so often flipped up from it the copper wire had become flat.
  • Gerhard Schröder, the seventh Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, is a native of Mossberg / Blomberg. He also grew up in lip and made for example in Lemgo his education.
  • Frank -Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister, was born in Detmold and grew up in Schieder- Schwalenberg.
  • Since 2008, the entire district area is part of the Teutoburg Forest Nature Park / Eggegebirge.
  • The Euro - critic and Member of Parliament Frank Schaeffler (FDP) was between 1989 and 2000 Member of the Lippe district council.