Lisa Darr

Lisa Darr Grabemann (* April 21, 1963 in Chicago, Illinois ) is an American actress.

Life and career

Lisa Darr was as Lisa Darr Grabemann daughter of Mollie grave man, an actress, and Karl grave man, a lawyer, was born. She attended New Trier West High School. Darr graduated in Biology from Stanford University with a degree.

Her first television role was Lisa Darr in 1991 in the wake Retreat of the television series Murphy Brown. In the same year she was also in an episode of the TV series flyer and Flash - The Red Lightning. Also in 1991, she landed her first starring role in the short-lived series The Chaos Clan than DA Rachel Brennan. In the following years, she has appeared in several films and series. These include appearances on Quantum Leap, Crime & Punishment, Renegade - Merciless hunting, Northern Exposure and The Chief of Police, as well as in the films The horrors lurking next door and Betrayed and abused before they come in six episodes of the series The Office played a role in 1995. From 1994 to 1996 she was in three different roles in Murder, She Wrote to see. In 1996 and 1997 she took over the role of Gail Koner in the developed by Fox series Profit. After the end of the series she was in eight episodes of the fifth season of Ellen (played by Ellen DeGeneres ) can be seen as the girlfriend of the title character Ellen morning. From 1998 Darr appeared in the television series Mercy Point, Sabrina - totally bewitched! and Ladies Man. 1999 was followed the next major role in her career. 43 episodes long embodied Darr Jane McPherson in The WB's Popular. After deposition of 2001 she was in episodes of the series Judging Amy, Charmed -. Zauberhafte witches and Philly one of the party The role of Susan Jackson embodied Darr between 2000 and 2003 in six episodes of the series Strong Medicine: like fire and ice. 2004 was followed by a starring role on the side of Jon Foster, Chris Lowell and Kelly Osbourne in the short-lived series Life as We Know It the transmitter ABC. This was followed by guest appearances on Desperate Housewives, The West Wing - The West Wing, House MD, A heavenly family, Ghost Whisperer - Ghost Whisperer, The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm! . To see Darr was also in two episodes of the third and an episode of the fourth season of Weeds - Kleine Deals among neighbors. Since then, it has so far only minor roles, including CSI: NY, Dexter, Drop Dead Diva, Parenthood and Criminal Minds adopted. In 2009 she was also still be seen in the film to the series Hannah Montana as well as 2012 in The Trouble With 40th

Since May 28, 2005 Lisa Darr is married to Brian Valente.

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