Lisa Stansfield

Lisa Stansfield ( born April 11, 1966 in Heywood, Rochdale, Greater Manchester - then Lancashire - England ) is a British singer and actress.

With the worldwide hit All Around the World Lisa Stansfield became an internationally successful interpreter of soul -heavy pop songs. The as " British Queen of White Soul" singer described previously sold 20 million albums worldwide.

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As a singer

Lisa Stansfield (now Greater Manchester ) was born 1966 in Heywood, Lancashire. Your parents moved shortly after her birth in the nearby town of Rochdale in order in which they grew up. At the age of fourteen she won a talent competition and were the children's show Razzamatazz moderate on British television. Along with their old school friends Ian Devaney and Andy Morris she founded in 1983 a band that in 1985 her first recording contract was awarded and henceforth called Blue Zone. With their music, which was heavily influenced by soul and R 'n' B, the band had only moderate success (with the single Jackie ). The producer duo Coldcut invited BlueZone to accommodate People Hold On. However, because a band can no band features enabled, the three decided that from now on should be in the spotlight Lisa. The song became a club hit, and Lisa's expressive voice attracted the attention of the record label Big Life Records, a subsidiary of Arista / BMG, so Lisa Stansfield received a record deal under her birth name. Devaney and Morris but belonged to continue as a musician, composer and producer of the team to the singer.

After This Is the Right Time (1989 ), her first own solo single, became internationally known with Lisa Stansfield All Around the World ( 1989) and the subsequent album Affection (1989 ) as a singer. All Around the World is her biggest hit to date, with whom she had not only No. 1 in the UK and was the first white singer ever on the Billboard R & B charts, but also reached Top 10 in the U.S. and Germany. For this song she also received an Ivor Novello Award for Songwriter next to Ian Devaney and Andy Morris for the " Best Contemporary Song " in 1990 and " Best International Song " in 1991. With Live Together (1990 ) was her debut album, which worldwide sold five million times, another UK Top 10 hit. In 1991 she received from the hands of Ringo Starr the World Music Award for " British Bestselling Artist". After her breakthrough Stanfield was honored with a BRIT Award as best British young artist. In 1991 and 1992, the Englishwoman this award was then given already as the best national female solo artist. For the first time she sang in 1991 on the Red Hot Blue album alongside stars such as U2, Annie Lennox, Tom Waits and many others a Cole -Porter song (Down in the Depths ) a benefit of Aids.

Her second album Real Love (1991 ) remained the world, however, fell short of sales expectations. But in the UK Singles Chart they were able to place more hits, including Change ( 1991) and Time to Make You Mine (1992). With the single release All Woman she managed a new record: she placed for the third time at No. 1 on the Billboard R & B charts. It was followed by the hit single Someday ( I'm Coming Back) ( 1992) from the soundtrack to the movie The Bodyguard with Whitney Houston in the title role, the units sold nearly 30 million successful soundtrack of all time.

On April 20, 1992 Lisa Stansfield attended the spectacular Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert at Wembley Stadium in honor of the late singer Freddie Mercury from AIDS part. As a soloist she sang I Want to Break Free in curlers and took the stage with a vacuum cleaner. Together with George Michael and the remaining members of Queen, she sang the title These Are the Days of Our Lives. This song was published in 1993 on the Five Live EP, which spent several weeks at number one on the British charts - the proceeds were paid to the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

Your dominated by disco and soul pop style remained Lisa Stansfield faithful during the 90s and published in 1993 in All the Right Places, the first single from the album So Natural and a contribution to the soundtrack of the film Indecent Proposal. Although her third studio album made ​​the jump to the upper reaches of the UK Top 10, their album was not released by Arista in America. For Stansfield So Natural itself is still special because it was the first album for the lovers Devaney / Stansfield was responsible.

In 1997 their first self-titled album, which made ​​it to # 2 on the UK album charts. Lisa Stansfield contained the Top 10 hit The Real Thing and a bootleg mix of their classic People Hold on, which was remixed by The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in advance of the album release a hit. The second single release appeared Never Never Gonna Give You Up, a cover of the same song by Barry White, the Stanfield very admired. It is worth mentioning thereof the video in which the singer apparently unclothed by one of the most visited market streets of London ( Portobello Road) strolling ( on a market day ).

With the romantic comedy Swing Stanfield, 1999 saw her debut on the big screen. For her acting performance in the film, which tells the story of a swing band from Liverpool, she was highly praised by critics. Stanfield and Devaney produced the soundtrack Swing, contributed a couple of his own swing creations in and ended up with the album among the top ten U.S. Top Jazz Charts.

With the exception of their greatest hits collection Biography ( 2003), which made ​​it into the UK album charts at # 3, Lisa Stansfield, however, was able to record any significant chart success more in their home country since 1997. Their last regular studio album for BMG Face Up (2001 ) held due to lack of promotion even just four weeks in the UK album charts. The resulting single from the Let's Just Call It Love was represented only on the rear seats of the charts, and the second single 8-3-1 could no longer place themselves.

After switching to ZTT Records their sixth studio album The Moment (2004) managed just made ​​it into the British charts, although the so far highly successful Trevor Horn produced all the tracks on the album. In Germany, The moment was first published in February 2005 and advertised by Edel Records and Stanfield highly itself a top 20 success and lasted until well into the summer in the Top 100, the first single Treat Me Like a Woman - a place 3 in the German airplay charts - became in the Germany and Austria did to her biggest hit since the early 90s. The second single, If I Had not Got You was a veritable radio hit that made ​​it to number 5 in the airplay charts. In the summer of 2005, the English woman presented with new songs and classics at several concerts live to the German public. The end of 2005 Stanfield the Women's World Award in "World Artist 2005", Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev from his hands. At the same time appeared with He Touches Me the third and final single from the album, which was successful neither in the singles charts still in the airplay charts, however.

In June 2012, Stanfield made ​​the film Northern Soul, which is likely to be published in 2014. Meanwhile, it also prepared her musical comeback. So she gave in the fall of 2012 already several concerts in clubs in London and Manchester. In May and June 2013 Lisa Stansfield toured France, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and England. Their album Seven was published on 31 January 2014 followed by a tour of Germany in May 2014 ( Frankfurt, Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Berlin). The first single Can not Dance 2 was broadcast world exclusive at BBC Radio.

As an actress

In recent years, Stanfield took after the former refused offer to Four Weddings and a Funeral her acting ambitions in the following projects back on:

  • Gold Plated, Channel 4 - Series, 2006
  • Ordeal by Innocence, Miss Marple drama on ITV 1, 2007
  • The Edge of Love, in German cinemas from 23 July 2009 ( Co - Stars: Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller, Cillian Murphy, Matthew Rhys )
  • Northern Soul


In 1987, Stanfield a four-month short marriage with the Italian designer Augusto Grassi. In 1998, she married her teammate Ian Devaney, with whom she was already romantically involved ten years. An artificial insemination was unsuccessful, Stansfield claimed to be then have been happy about it.


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