Lisnagade Rath ( Irish: Lios na gCéad - Fort of the hundreds ) is a ring fort two kilometers east of Scarva in County Down in Northern Ireland. The largest and scoring of the best preserved in Ireland Raths structure with an outer diameter of about 110 m has been dated to 350 AD.

The 60 m measured center was surrounded by three six -meter-high walls and deep trenches. Only traces of the outer trench remained. To the southeast is the only approach that broke the trench -wall lines.

About 30 m to the north is a much smaller Rath, who is connected with Lisnagade by straight ditches and ramparts. The work undertaken in the 1950s excavations are unpublished. It is close to the Lisnavaragh Rath and another eight Raths the Wall line Dane's Cast within a mile.