List of Baden locomotives and railbuses

This list provides an overview of the locomotives of the Grand Ducal Baden State Railways.

The state railway owned 1840-1920 a total of 1681 locomotives. The highest inventory was recorded in 1920 with 915 locomotives. 620 have been re-drawn in 1925 after the series scheme of the Deutsche Reichsbahn.


In the Grand Ducal Baden State Railways locomotives were ordered by genera and received a track number and a name. The assigned name came from the animal kingdom, geography (rivers, mountains, cities ) as well as people. Since the choice of name was more difficult with ongoing procurement, was abandoned from the 1868 procured locomotive with the number 218 on a name. 1882 all nameplates have been removed.

The course numbers were assigned consecutively. Were locomotives out of service, the released numbers were assigned to the next new locomotives. Until 1882 the name was taken. 1872 an attempt was made to arrange the sequence of numbers of the locomotives within the genera. There have been replaced while retaining the name of the track numbers. As held practical usage limits, this order has been given up again five years later. From the 1880s the state railway again tried to arrange the track numbers somewhat. First, they began to provide shunting locomotives with numbers starting from 500. When this threshold has been reached by the normal car park, got the locomotives numbers 600 and later again by 1000 higher numbers.

Unlike other generic tracks were introduced from the start of operation. For each new building lot, a new genus number was assigned. Until 1868 emerged as the genera I to XIV in 1868 led to a new system. It locomotives were summarized with the same characteristics or requirements.

The previously uncategorized in the old scheme locomotives were taken according to the new genera. To help distinguish the old generic names below are in italics.

Through additional lowercase " a" to " h" various types were identified within a genus. In addition, each delivery series was still marked with a superscript.

So the VIb10 is the tenth supply of passenger tender locomotives of Class VIb.

Steam locomotives

1868 regulation as generic distinctness in italics in the tables for better.

Broad gauge locomotives of the start time for all types of train

These locomotives were originally built for the Baden broad gauge of 1600 mm and were in the Umspurung 1854 largely converted to standard gauge. None of the locomotives was more redrawn to an operating point of the Deutsche Reichsbahn.

Passenger and express train locomotives

Freight locomotives

Tender locomotives

Narrow gauge locomotives

The Baden narrow gauge locomotives were built for narrow gauge.

Electric locomotives

The Baden electric locomotives were built for the meadows and Wehratalbahn on which the electrical equipment was taken on September 13, 1913.


The Baden railcars were performed luggage cart in the holdings of persons and which was divided into groups.