List of coating techniques

In materials science, the substrate is the material to be treated. Usually the surface of the substrate is grafted or coated.


The substrate is in printing technology, the material to be printed, the printing material. In semiconductor technology, the wafer, which is the starting material for chip production in large series in the electronics industry, also called substrate.

In the field of PVD coatings is the material on which the thin layer is deposited, the substrate. Here, the material properties, and particularly the surface of the substrate is of great importance for the quality (e.g., adhesion) of the layer. Often, the substrate is a steel alloy (e.g., tool steel at cutting tools ), or titanium (such as implants ). For some time also ceramic and polymer plastic is coated.

Two meanings in the production and processing of substrate colors

Substrate colors are so named because they are to be applied to a substrate, such as any coating material, but in addition to other components more or less contain a colorless pigment, such as chalk, which is also called a substrate. This substrate is integral with a color pigment in the color preparation. It is thus treated material in the manufacture of a material and in processing.

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