List of company registers

As the commercial register is called a public list, which leads entries about the registered merchants in a specific geographical area within the registry law. The Commercial Register is to meet a publication, proof, control and protection function.

Typically, the commercial register includes information about the company, headquarters, branch and branches, the object of the company, duly authorized persons, the legal form of the company and the nominal or share capital.

Trade registers are held either by the courts (for example, the local courts as registration courts in Germany and the district courts in Austria ) or from separate offices ( such as the Commercial Registry in Switzerland or the Companies House in the UK). Examples of national commercial register:

  • Commercial register ( Germany )
  • Commercial register ( Liechtenstein )
  • Business Register ( Austria )
  • Commercial register ( Switzerland )
  • Registre du commerce et des sociétés, French Trade and Companies Register
  • In the Netherlands as well as in Italy and a number of other countries, the trade register shall be kept at the Chambers of Commerce.

Within the framework of the European Business Register is trying to install a European-wide interface for the European national trade register.