List of film awards

Movie awards are usually awarded either at film festivals or the film industry. Usually associated with film- artistic achievements will be awarded. As the first award for a film in 1920, the U.S. Photoplay Award was presented.

There is next to, but also film awards for commercial success, as in Germany, the Goldene Leinwand ( for at least three million visitors a film). In addition to movies sometimes contributing professional achievements will be awarded, such as secondary and main actor, director and camera work, screenplays, or about the music of a film.

Prices of the film industry

The most popular by far Film Award at all is the American Academy Award, better known as Oscar, awarded annually in numerous categories in a glamorous show event in Los Angeles. A few weeks earlier, gives the Hollywood Foreign Press, the Golden Globe Awards, which usually mean finger pointing to the expected Oscar awards. The Razzie awards, in contrast, the worst cinematic achievements of the year.

As a European counterpart to the Oscars there is since 1988 the European Film Awards, the media charisma and reputation among wide audiences, however, for the time being still lags behind the U.S. model.

The well-paid by the German government, German Film Award experienced a change of image and awards since 1999 a statuette called " Lola". Since 2005, the German Film Prize is awarded by members of the German Film Academy. Against these supposedly commercially dominated approach to the art of film to resistance has excited, among other things, finds its expression in the Festival of German Films, the German Film Prize opposes the cinematography prize to be awarded by demanding artistic merit by a jury.

National Film Awards



Prices of Guilds

Especially in the USA are also the prices that are awarded annually by the so-called Guilds, very respected, especially as the award winners here represent very often also the later Oscar winner. In the respective guilds only the people forgive their voices in the respective area are also employed or formerly employed. Often see many of such excellent people at this as a particularly great honor.

Some of the existing Guild Awards:

  • Guild of producers: Producers Guild Of America ( PGA)
  • Guild of directors: Directors Guild of America ( DGA)
  • Guild of Actors: Screen Actors Guild ( SAG)
  • Guild of Writers: Writers Guild of America ( WGA)
  • Guild of film editors: American Cinema Editors (ACE )
  • Guild of Cinematographers American Society of Cinematographers (ASC )
  • Guild of Toneditoren: Motion Picture Sound Editors ( MPSE )
  • Guild of sound engineer: Cinema Audio Society ( CAS)
  • Guild of prop masters: Art Directors Guild ( ADG)
  • Guild of Costume: Costume Designers Guild ( CDG)
  • Guild of trick technician: Visual Effects Society (VES )
  • Guild of makeup artist: Hollywood Makeup and Hair Stylist Guild

Festival Awards

While film industry prices usually evaluate all films of the year, awarded film festival with their awards only to their selected current films, most of which were not evaluated in the cinema. While the Oscars are awarded by members of the film academy, festival awards will be presented by international, often prominently juries. On the most important festivals and the international film critics federation (Fédération Internationale de la Presse Cinématographique ) praises the FIPRESCI prize each an award from.

The prices of the most important film festivals (so-called A- festivals) have a golden glow:

  • Palme d'Or ( Cannes Film Festival )
  • Golden Bear ( Berlin )
  • Golden Lion ( Venice Film Festival )
  • Golden Leopard ( International Film Festival of Locarno )

Prices of Film Critics

Critics awards, ie, film awards, which are awarded annually by critics associations, differ from industry prices ( ideally) in that they allow the artistic quality of a film a priority over its commercial potential. Here are some examples:

Special Film Awards

One of the most modern film certainly prices, there is to forgive, gives every year, the music channel MTV: MTV Movie Awards. Here also such categories as "Best Film Kiss" or "Best Film Villain " award.

Another widely acclaimed Film Award is the award at the Berlinale Teddy Award for the best productions with schwul-/lesbischem background.

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films awards in the U.S. every year since 1972 Saturn Award.

The Imagen Foundation Awards in the United States each year since 1985 the Imagen Award as the Oscar for Best Actor, productions, films with Latino backgrounds in similar category diversity.

The International Literature Film Prize will be awarded at the Frankfurt Book Fair since 2004.

The average prize is awarded annually for the best cutting performance in the categories of fiction, documentary and promotion of Film , Cologne Forum for film editing and montage art since 1999.

The German Short Film Prize is awarded by the federal government since 1956. In 2002, the regulations of the German Short Film Prize has been extensively redesigned.

The Austrian Undine Award was presented annually from 2004 to 2008 in Baden near Vienna at the best young German actresses.

  • Micro Movie Award