List of international broadcasters#Television

Under international broadcasting refers to the programs a state or public radio or television company, which are not aimed at people in their own country, but to compatriots who live abroad, or to citizens in other countries as a whole.

Target groups

Essentially can be the international broadcasting two groups of transmitters differ:

  • On the one hand transmitters to temporary or permanent living abroad (former) directed citizens of their country and
  • On the other hand transmitter aimed at the entire population of other countries or an international audience.

According to the target group programs send the first group in their home language and programs of the second group in the language of the target country or an international lingua franca. Frequently pursue programs that explicitly refer to the population of another State, the purpose is to provide a counterweight to the prevailing in these countries and their media coverage.


For the sake of range send the foreign radio stations traditionally mostly on short wave frequencies ( short wave radio ), increasingly rare on medium wave or long wave. In recent times, the programs are spread almost exclusively via satellite and via live stream on the Internet. For about ten years, with the digital shortwave (Digital Radio Mondiale DRM) introduced a new receipt format that the long term is to replace the analogue broadcasts, the reception quality is very labile. Foreign television is broadcast mainly via satellite.


The international broadcasting was particularly during the period of the Cold War of importance as the West on the one hand, tried to subvert the state propaganda of the Soviet bloc countries by the broadcasts of foreign radio stations and the East for its part also broadcasts west radiated to affect its population.

After the confrontation of international broadcasting has lost much of its importance. Contributed to this in addition to the elimination of political disputes and the technical development. The spread of the Internet and its wide possibilities to learn about foreign countries, and the possibility to receive in foreign countries, domestic station of the home country, made the disturbance-sensitive short-wave broadcasting strong competition. The new digital broadcast standard on short wave has so far not been successful. The main reason for this is the lack of supply of affordable receivers.

Foreign radio stations (selection)

Active ( 2014)

  • Belgium: Radio Vlaanderen Internationaal
  • China (PR ) China Radio International
  • Germany: German wave
  • France: Radio France Internationale ( RFI)
  • UK: BBC World Service
  • Netherlands: Radio Nederland Wereldomroep
  • North Korea: Voice of Korea
  • Austria: OE1 International ( formerly Radio Austria International, ROI)
  • Russia: Voice of Russia
  • Slovakia: Radio Slovakia International
  • Czech Republic: Radio Prague
  • USA: Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty


  • Switzerland: Swiss Radio International (until 2004)

List of foreign television channels (selection)

  • Al Jazeera English (news)
  • Arirang (English, South Korea)
  • Belsat (White Russian, Poland)
  • BBC World News (news)
  • BVN
  • China Central Television
  • CNN International ( News )
  • DW-TV
  • Elliniki Radiofonia Tileorasi
  • France 24 ( News )
  • German TV
  • I24news (Israel )
  • NHK World
  • ORF 2 Europe
  • PIK (Russian, Georgia)
  • Press TV (English, Iran)
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Welt
  • RT ( English and Arabic, Russia)
  • RTP África
  • RTP Internacional
  • SVT World
  • Thai Global Network
  • TRT Türk
  • TV5 Monde
  • TVP Polonia
  • TVN International
  • Voice of America