List of Knights of the Golden Fleece

This page contains a list of the Knights of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

  • 3.1 18th century
  • 3.2 19th century
  • 3.3 By Joseph Bonaparte appointed Knight of the Order
  • 3.4 Of the Carlist pretender appointed Knight
  • 3.5 20th century
  • 3.6 21st century
  • 4.1 18th century
  • 4.2 19th century
  • 4.3 20th century ( until 1961 )
  • 4.4 November 30, 2000
  • 4.5 Current

Knight of the Order of the House of Burgundy (1430-1477)

Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece under the House of Habsburg (1478-1700)


16th century

17th Century

Knight of the Spanish Order of branch

1700 goes out with Carlos II the Verhextem the line of the Spanish Habsburgs, and the Order is passed on as a result of the Spanish Succession War of the Spanish monarchy of the Bourbons, and goes so well in France.

18th century

19th century

By Joseph Bonaparte appointed Knight of the Order

Of the Carlist pretender appointed Knight

The year of the recording is not known in these knights, as the pretender issues no formal diploma. For the titles with atomic number 1 is consistently around Carlist appointments.

20th century

21st Century

Knight of the Austrian branch

18th century

19th century

20th Century (until 1961)

November 30, 2000

The Republic of Austria recognized on July 23, 1953 the head of the family of the house of Habsburg, the legal ceremony of the Order on their territories. Otto von Habsburg, in turn, declared on 31 May 1961, his renunciation of all claims to sovereignty, but remained Sovereign of the Order, as this was not affected by the waiver. On May 24, 1963 decision by the court that the waiver is sufficient and the expulsion of Otto was terminated after the Habsburg law. There are no known members that were taken by Karl von Habsburg and died before 30 November 2000. As members of the Order at the handover of the Grand Magisterium of Karl von Habsburg on November 30, 2000 (except for Otto von Habsburg) called 45 people:

Among the twelve diplomas in 1284, 1288, 1312-1319, 1321 and 1326, and from 1329 (if already assigned before 30 November 2000) are not known Knight of the Order; lie two diplomas (probably incorrect ) information about a repeat of recording: 1290 as 1274 (Joseph von Habsburg, born 1933 ) and 1320 as in 1282 (Karl von Habsburg, born 1961 ) ( only listed once). To nine knights is the name, but not the diploma no. known, as to the persons who are 30 November 2000 ( yet) known (see below)


Members who are 30 November 2000 not mentioned (yet), are: