List of mail servers

A mail server is a server that receive the e- mail, transmit, or have ready to send. The e- mail address, whose e- mail accounts managed by the mail server will inherit its domain part of the domain name of the mail server. The domain name of the mail server, in turn, is the domain of the e -mail provider, who runs the mail server.


Most mail servers several modules working together:

  • The Mail Transfer Agent accepts e- mails and forwards it
  • Mail Retrieval Agents call emails from other servers from
  • Mail filters to block spam and malware
  • The Mail Delivery Agent sorts an e- mail to e- mail accounts
  • The Message Store provides access to the mailboxes

To use mail servers are also available as:

  • SMTP Relay Server
  • Fallback Mail Exchange


In the operation of mail servers comes a variety of protocols for carrying.

The basic protocols are:

  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to send and forward
  • The Post Office Protocol (POP) to download
  • The Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) as a network file system
  • Each optionally with Transport Layer Security (TLS) for authentication and encryption