List of Mario series sports games

Mario Golf is a video game series, developed by Camelot and distributed by Nintendo. Already for NES and GameBoy appeared golf games with Mario in the lead role, but these do not belong to this series.

As the title suggests, it is a golf game in which the competing Nintendo hero Mario, his friends and enemies in various game modes against each other. This is not a realistic down to the smallest detail simulation of golf, but rather a balanced mixture of realism and fun that even novice players opens up quickly. There are many, sometimes quite unusual game modes available, most of which are also up to fourth playable. In addition to a tournament mode that allows the free play subsequent course, provides the current game Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, for example, a ring shot mode, wherein the golf ball struck by rings and the hole with par or better must be passed. If successful, additional characters are unlocked.

As in Mario Tennis also the transfer of data between the home console version and the portable version of the game is possible, so that among other things, new characters can be unlocked. Between Mario Golf for Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color, this was done via Transfer Pak, while Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour for GameCube GBA via cable with the upcoming Mario Golf: Advance Tour can be linked for Game Boy Advance. Similar to Mario Kart, Mario Party and Mario Tennis especially the multiplayer mode is appreciated by players even in this series.

Mario Golf: Advance Tour

In the Game Boy Advance part you take on the role of a young golfer / spielerin to be included in the Marion Club and to deny one tournament after the other. You learn the rules of golf playful and needs, after winning the tournament at the Marion club, still winning tournaments in palm trees, dunes and links club. After winning the tournament, it is left to the player to travel to Peach's castle possible to attend the last and most difficult tournament, the Mushroom Cup. There are singles and doubles, respectively. If you play single, you have to beat all the time even while you have to take turns in a double with a computer player.

The holes

In a tournament you have to play 18 holes. A hole consists of a tee box, some obstacles and the checkered flag on the " green ." Is measured in yards. Just not on the green, here is calculated in meters.


There is an Advance mode by all so far in the story mode you play course ü.ä. available. Can be in addition to the tournaments e.g. Stargate play golf by must be played before the end of the hole only through some gates.