List of Mecklenburg locomotives

This list provides an overview of the Mecklenburg locomotives, based on the naming scheme of the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg Friedrich- Franz Railway

Name of locomotives

The Mecklenburg private railway company and the government Friedrich- Franz Railway awarded from the start numbers and names of their locomotives. When choosing a name you usually referring to geographical objects Mecklenburg. After the merger of the two companies in 1873, the locomotives of the acquired Mecklenburg Railway Company were moderate number classified by the locomotives of the Friedrich- Franz Railway. The renumbering happened after 1879th While the numbering originally took place in the order of purchase, you led after the nationalization in 1895 a new numbering plan. Each species was assigned a specific number range. At the same time naming was abandoned.

After the second nationalization of the Friedrich- Franz Railway, the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg Friedrich- Franz Railway locomotives ordered the one from 1890 in various genres.

  • I- VII: passenger locomotives
  • VIII -X: freight locomotives
  • XI -XVIII: Tender locomotives
  • XIX: narrow gauge locomotives
  • XX: freight locomotive
  • XXI: Tank Locomotive

1910, a new scheme was introduced that essentially leaning to the Prussian system. It was the introduction of the generic P ( Personenzugloks ), G ( freight locomotives ) and T ( tank locomotives ). Individual series were distinguished by a following Arabic numeral. To distinguish between sub- types, a used superscript numbers. This was seen to re-allocate to steam locomotives with simple stretching a "1" and compound steam locomotives a "2".

Steam locomotives of the Friedrich- Franz Railway

Locomotives of the start time for all types of train

These locomotives were all built for the Mecklenburg railway company and came up with their nationalization in the stock of the Grand Ducal Friedrich- Franz Railway.

Passenger locomotives

Freight locomotives

Tender locomotives

Narrow gauge locomotives

The Mecklenburg narrow gauge locomotives were built for a track width of 900 mm and procured for use on the Bäderbahn Doberan - Heiligendamm Arend.

Steam locomotives of the predecessor railways